Info on RDGs

Hi all, I know there off to sunny places for christmas and then catterick next year.
However can any body give me ant information on what the units like, how they treat their boys and more so what a careers like in the RAC.
Also, for want for a better word, how much bull is there around the place?
Any information and honest oppinion will be fantastic.

Thanks CD :D
They like SNCOs to wear funny green trousers and buy expensive green jumpers. Give it a week or 2 and if you don't like it, refuse to buy the jumper and get a posting shortly afterwards. (Courtesy of a dick'ead EME, not the Regt.)

Actually a good bunch of blokes, play both sorts of rugby and sociable in the mess. I enjoyed my short stint with them.
As relaxed as any cavalry unit, work hard - play hard, had the pleasure of spending 4 good years with them during their Paderborn/Tidworth years. The blokes were good humoured in both the Cpls and the Sgts Mess. Look foward to Oats and Paddys Day!! Oh no the pipes haaaaaa fond memories

Quis Separabit

I have no doubt there is no difference between the RDG and any other Armoured Regt, except maybe those who no one speaks of ( RHG/D, LG).

They recruit from the North of England.

If you are wanting to join a unit on the strength of where it will be posted next then i suspect your heart is maybe in the wrong place and you might be better off not wasting anyones time.

You either want to soldier or not, want to be in an Armoured unit or not and want to be in the RDG or not.

Bracket your options and then make your own mind up.

If you go into them i'm sure you will enjoy yourself as much as anywhere else.

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