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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Yellowfairy, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. I have been asked to do a presentaion to my ACF Company Cadets about Radio Callsigns, as I am Ex R Signals, but I have never used such things.

    Does anyone know where I can get this Info quickly??? :?
  2. this has got to be a WAH!!!!!!
  3. dont know were you can find it, but let me see if i can help as i had to do the same thing.
    lets you are in 3 platoon, hq is 0
    plt comd is 30a
    pilt sgt= 30b
    one sec charlie 31c
    one sec delta 31d
    two sec charlie 32c
    etc etc.
    now you will have a prefix of a letter to determine company, for example
    8 plt c coy 1 sec cond could be f21c.
    the pre fix is changed every 24 hours with the batco settings but i wouldnt get into that to much and just make one up for exersises.
    note how 8 plt is 2 as it is the second platoon in company
    hope this helps a bit,it is easier to say than write.
    with cdts best to stick with kiss
  4. Speak to your nearest TA Inf unit or your affiliated Regimental HQ, they might be able to scratch something up. A callsign card will give you something to pad out the lesson with if you can get hold of one.

    While on the subject, can anyone settle a bet I have with an ex-RSI mate? Mucho beer riding on by this stage.

    Collective calls, is CC1 'all stations' or 'all command stations'? I say the latter and CC2 is 'all stations'. Am I right or do I have to lower myself to buying a slab of Tennants?
  5. i always thought cc1 was all stations, but make sure if you have a slab on it
  6. This is a hard question to ask really and depends on what exercise/OP and at what level. This would all be decided by the RSI at the start of the exercise.

    For instance you couldnt have a CC1 or CC2 as an all stations on a Brigade net as you would be on there for a year getting responses.

    CC1 would normally be at Sqn/Coy level and CC2 could be Squadron/coy OC's.

    When with Armoured and I was attached to a Sabre Sqn / Fire team then you would be split down once again depending your frequency.

    RSO is the main man who decides i think.
  7. Do they still use "Sunray" and "Sunshine" call signs?
  8. "Sunray" and "Sunray Minor" still in! The only radio appointment titles that are still around, I believe. Stands by for corrections on the second point!
  9. Smartascarrots, reference your last, CC stands for Collective Call, out.
  10. At the risk of sounding like I know what I'm talking about:

    The Communication Equipment Instructions (CEI) is produced by the RSO under thhe superviosn of a BG COS. It lists all matters comms and will list the CC calls and who they are aimed at. Routinely CC1 is all sub-unit comds on that net. Bn to Coys or Coy to Pl Comds for example. It is not an SOP, but might be an SOI within any given organisation. Examples of unit SOPs can be found in the Army Electronic Battlebox, as can Call Sign lists if you have access to the Army Intranet.
  11. Woo-Hoo! Cargo of Guinness for the Carrots household... Cheers, G_G!
  12. You are ex R Sigs and you dont understand call signs! Even if you were some geeky tech, surley you must have, at some stage spoken over the net 8O
  13. Before you start giving out advice mo8462, you need to sort out your abbreviations. Plt has never been the abbreviation for Platoon and as for Plit Sgt, what the fcuk is that supposed to be?

    Check out the land component handbook for acronyms and abbreviations.

    A better suggestion would be, before you learn about abbreviations, start with something easy like stringing a sentance together in English you chopper! :x 8O :?
  14. Or something as easy as stringing a sentence together!!! :wink:
  15. Hello all stations this is Roger it is clear that some refresher training may be needed by some.

    A CC call (Collective Call) can be annotated to any collective group of callsigns on a net.

    Roger so far over ............

    Both Callsign Carrots and Guy-Gurdior are correct in saying that typically on a net CC1 might be used to indicate that the message would be for all sub-unit Commanders although that is by no means hard and fast and would depend on the information published in the Communication Electronic Instruction (CEI).

    Out to you

    Hello Yellowfairy this is Roger, Callsign Carrots is again correct in that you would be best to refer your question to your local TA unit or sponsor unit since it is clear that there are such varying degrees of understanding here that you are probably more confused than aided.