Info on quiet civvie airfields needed

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by halomonkey, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering if any of the flying types on here would be able to recommend some nice quiet civvie airfields in UK, that someone who has recently attained their PPL could fly into. Basically just looking for places that don't have a lot of traffic to increase confidence and knowledge. Thanks in advance.
  2. Derby Airport - not to be confused with EMA.

    (No, really- look it up!)

    Ask for Martin.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Any more for any more :D
  4. Depends where in the country you want, Carlisle always used to be pretty quiet.
    For ghost town quiet try Kirkbride in Cumbria. Has the bonus of being a pretty much undisturbed 2nd World War airfield
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Manchester Barton?
  6. Area isn't a problem, flying out of Prestwick.
  7. Fife Airport (formally Glenrothes) is quiet and has a good restaurant.
  8. Coventry's pretty good since their short flirtation with commercial flights ceased. My mate runs the great-for-anoraks Classic Flight there, so if you want to PM me I'll ask her to get some details to you.
  9. Here you go-

    Kirkbride, there isn't much there (is a hotel but not sure on opening hours) I haven't been there for a couple of years.
    Originally a bomber ferry field I think, handy for the Lake District area.
    Spent many a happy day wandering around as a kid.
  10. Kirkbride runway has not been maintained although still useable and it can occasionally have cars etc. racing around on it plus other interesting hazards at times.
  11. Thanks to all answering I'm making a note of them all,so keep them coming :D
  12. Maybe too far South but anyway
    Bembridge, Isle of Wight - tramac
    Sandown, IoW - grass (wet)
  13. What about Alanbrooke Bks, Topcliffe near Thirsk, North Yorkshire? It has an airfield that is used by TWA and a civvie para club.