Info On Overseas Jobs can you help

Hi, all I'm looking for any info on over seas jobs can you help?

Any companies whorking in the middle east. I heard of a swiss company working out of Afghanistan but cant find out any info on them.

So any contact would be helpful


I know a few folk looking fer help on the Isle of White
Good money, long hours
It may help if you give some idea of what sort of job.

there are some good journo jobs going in 'the Stan' you don't have to leave your hotel to report on 'our boys' so comfort and air con is assured. Also you'll be given some 'Gucci kit' with which to achieve your mission - multi pocket 'Tac' vest and a voice activated tape recorder from Argos.
Think I should go for that. was thinking of astronought training. lol.

I a CMT. Got Stores Accountant under my belt and equipment repairer plus UEHD.
brass_magnet said:
Think I should go for that. was thinking of astronought training. lol.

I a CMT. Got Stores Accountant under my belt and equipment repairer plus UEHD.
if CMT is a med qual, try here ex-med
Been on KBR US. A mate of minetold me his brother is working for KBR in afghanistan, and said it was a swiss company.
KBR are notoriously hit and miss.
Reason being is that every petrol station attendant and McDonalds worker in the US has sent them their CV.
They have a humongous database of potential employees now so getting your CV read is the hard part.
You could try all the smaller contractors, find out which contracts are up for tender and which companies are bidding.
That way you cans stick your CV to the companies who are looking for people for a specific role.
It is very difficult to get a start anywhere in the industry unless you have a mate or relative who can get you a start unfortunately.
You could always try tipping up in the country you want to work in if your feeling adventurous and have a wander around the offices of all the various contractors. (Not recommended for Iraq or Afghanistan obviously.) Not sure how successful this would be in other countries - UAE for example.
Have a look at this website for serious advice:

The bloke running this has put all the info together himself and is currently on a contract in Iraq. He seems to know a hell of a lot about this industry. There's also a database of all the major contractors with thteir contact details. The forums are good aswell - people seem friendly and helpful there (which is refreshing!) although they hav nowhere near the amount of subscribers this site has - it is growing very quickly.

lastly, if your serious about this type of work - unless you have very specialist skills and previous experience, be prepared for having to send your CV an awful lot of times and following up your apps with phone calls. Most of these companies are swamped with new applications everyday so finding a way to stick out from the crowd is imperative.

Good luck with it. And if you find something good - you can get the reat of us a fkin job for helping you!
As you don't appear to be well versed in the companies, but seem to be looking for, for want of a better term, defence facilities contractors, have you considered Turner Facilities Management or Interserve Plc?

Hint: For Interserve, you want search results for Plc, not org. ;)

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