Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by CPLPorky, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. I hope someone can help me trying to remember the ORBAT for UKMF(L) when my regiment were part of it. I was in during the 80's and just trying to fill in some gaps :geek: If some one could give me a link or details I would be grateful. Tried to reserach on web etc. nothing!!!! talk about the forgotten army!!!!
  2. 19/5 Bty RA and 249 Sig Sqn are two sub-units for starters...
  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Wasn't it mainly 1 Inf Bde?
  4. The RAF had a dedicated flight of Puma HC.1s (4 of them) from 33 Sqn at Odiham too - the Bundesheer also provided 8 x UH-1H.
  5. No they were not, they were part of The AMF (L), The UKMF were based around 1 Inf Bde as it was in Tidworth and Bulford.
  6. I honestly thought that they were dual-roled - UKMF(L) was meant to go to Denmark wasn't it and AMF(L) alternated between Norway and Turkey... Weren't 1 WESSEX part of 1 Inf Bde?
  7. UKMF were part of 1 Inf Bde and AMF was something very different they used to go to very cold places far to North. UKMF were based around Tidworth and 1 Wessex were part of UKMF as the only TA infantry Regiment. I was after the ORBAT including unit identifying numbers that went on the vehicles such as 1/10 etc. or something like this.
  8. AMF(L) were also stationed in Bulford as 43 Bty took over the AD role from 46 Bty/32 GW Regt early in 1982. I think that 32 Regt supported both AMF(L) and UKMF(L), as they had a dual Air Defence (Blowpipe) and Anti Tank (Swingfire) role at the time.
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Dec 1989 according to wiki. I remember 3LI were there in the early 80s and 2 Para, I think:

    1st Infantry Brigade
    , Tidworth, United Kingdom Mobile Force, dedicated to the defence of Schleswig-Holstein under LANDJUT
  10. Good lord, the FH-70, there's a blast from the past (no pun intended) - I did live firing on those with 202 Bty at STANTA back in the mid-1990s. IIRC, the hydraulics were something of a nightmare.
  11. UKMF was bigger than 1 Bde, it had a large logistic component some of which was regular, but there was a very large TA component; Regular units I can remember were 518 Pnr Coy, 27 Regt RCT, 90 Ord Coy, 16 Fd Amd, 22 Fd Hosp. There were more, but can't remember.
  12. Thanks Brotherton lad, I had found this on wikipedia and this is after they became 1 Mech Bde. i was more looking for before that so more mid 80's Exercise Bold Gannet time.
  13. There was also a postal Sqn based out of Bulford which supported AMF got lumped in with 3GS Regt down in Abington after the formation of the RLC
  14. 144 Para Field Ambulance (v) were one of the TA units in UKMF. I remember those shitty little patches they gave us to put on our smocks.(still got one somewhere) One of the Hoi Poloi visited us on exercise once and complained that we should be wearing DPM combat suits like the rest of the formation and not smocks and denims......cue much mummbling and hastily issued gopping, big baggy pocketed DPM trousers. Some good trips to Germany and Denmark though, especially the long ferry trips.
  15. 26 Fd Regt RA were the FH70 Regt until the mid 80s. Fond memories of LANDJUT recces in the vicinity of a major Danish brewery.