Info on Move to Canada?


Can any body advise us please......

OH was a signaller was about 7 years - been out for approx 5 years, we are going no-where in the UK with houses prices/money etc etc. OH does now have a good engineers job with BT but, will take time for him to work up the ladder. I also work BTW, not just sat on my backside!

He is 35 - would he be elligible to join the canadian army? Could his previous HMF experience gain him any advantage? It crossed my mind that IF he COULD join the canadian army, it would be a great solution cos he did love the army life and think he misses it.

Advice appreciated...... even working other places abroad....

Many thanks

At age 35 he cannot join the Canadian Army. 35 is the cut off time.
I tried to transfer to the Canadian LORE when I was stationed in Wainwright Alberta. Unfortunately for me I was 36 at the time. The camp CC did all the checking for me and that was that.
Unless the age limit has since been extended then it's a no no. Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news but at least I have tried it.
THE best place in Canada is British Columbia and I would advise you to look initially at Vancouver or Victoria on Vancouver Island for employment. Having a techy trade is to ones advantage as the main block to entry to Canada is that you will not take a Canadians job. They need techs of all types.
I wish you well.

I got this off the CF website - :-

Citizens of another country who have landed immigrant (Permanent Resident) status in Canada may also be considered for enrolment when the CF has need of their skill, when the position cannot be filled by a Canadian citizen, and if the national interest would not be prejudiced. However, only under exceptional circumstances will authority be granted to enrol a citizen of another country.

In other words, its HARD but not impossible to get in to the CF. But, if I were your hubby, I'd get in touch with these folks below :-

Canadian Defence Liaison Staff (CDLS)
86 Blenheim Crescent, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 7HB
Commander and Defence Advisor: 0207 258 6400
Admin Officer: 0207 258 6368

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