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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by jay13villa, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone can give me information on Black Serpents? Join as a CMT early next year and obviously I am not trying to run before I have walked but been reading round on here and know its do with the special forces. Could anyone give us information on what they are, do and how you could become one once trained as a CMT? Thanls
  2. At the risk of being ROP'd, please use the search function.
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  3. Na I've searched into it obviously but every thread people were saying different things and that it was being changed and all that. Thats why I ave asked obviously haha I am not that stupid
  4. May I suggest you pass Common Core, get some experience under your belt and complete your class 1 before considering anything else? Your not just trying to run before you walk, your challenging Bradley Wiggins to a bike race.....
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  5. So, what's makes you think you will be able to do better than the other threads? (for mods; not baiting just asking!)

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  6. I only want to know about it for more knowledge on the Med core. I am not even considering anything like that yet as I am not even trained yet.
  7. Majority of threads date back to 2008 which is 5 years ago. Obviously a lot may have changed now.
  8. Corps; I doubt anyone will give any further info than is already out there. But good luck.

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  9. I know its corps its just how you say it though lol
  10. You don't need to know anything about Black Serpent just yet. Its good to have ambition, but by the time you are in a position to apply for the course, things may have changed
  11. I know that I just want to know more about it thats all
  12. Jay, you're not going to get much more info than is already on here before you join & get security vetted. It's nothing personal, and you won't need to know anything about Black Serpent until you are in a position to apply for it.

    Keep it in the back of your mind, and once you are at your unit ask your chain of command; they will be able to help then. But not before.

  13. Okay cheers mate
  14. Good luck with your Phase 2, it can be challenging so get reading! When you get to DMSTG, you'll be able to ask a bit more about Black Serpent.