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info on binocular case

Hello, new member trying to find out if anyone can idetify these letters/numbers on a ww1 binocular case.

Sergeant F D Johnson 514 or 314 AAS/L CO, RE (T)

Any help much appreciated,

Lockesboy out.
Anti-aircraft Searchlight Company, Royal Engineers?
From 1915, they were used in the London area to search for Zeppelins and other aircraft.

(T) = Territorial?

Air defence

Aerial attack was a new form of warfare introduced through the advances in airship and aircraft technology. The first bombing raid on Britain took place in December 1914 when German Zeppelin airships dropped bombs in the Dover area. Thereafter Zeppelin bombing raids continued on London, as well as on locations on the East coast and on one occasion on Chester. In 1916 the Germans switched from using airships to aeroplane (Gothas).

As a consequence of the air attacks 50th Field Searchlight (FSL) Company RE was reformed in 1915 to provide searchlight anti-aircraft (AA) defence for London. The Tyne Electrical Engineers took over the running of the School of Electric Lighting, Gosport and operated it until the end of the war. By December 1915 AA searchlights units were raised as part of the Royal Engineers (TF) and deployed in the defence of industrial cities and ports throughout Britain.

Possibly a tenuous link, now in WW2 (no reason why a WW1 case wouldn't find it's way into WW2):

29th (Kent) Anti-Aircraft Battalion, R.E. (T.A.) - Chatham Area, Eastern Command
HQ, 313th (Kent) Coy: Gillingham
314th (Kent) Coy: Tonbridge
468th Coy: Dover

More info on Royal Engineer searchlight units: http://www.skylighters.org/otherunits/britsl.html
Hi puttesinmyhands,

yes I thought the letters AA reffered to Anti Aircraft and RE for Royal Engineers but was stuck on S/L and T.

Many thanks for your help on the matter,


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