INFO ON BEING A PORT OPERATOR - incontact emails/numbers etc

Discussion in 'RLC' started by starfleetcommand, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. Good evening mein heirs..... right ive been looking through the british army website again, toying with the idea (again) of joining the TA. ill be honest here from the start, id like to be in a support role but i dont think id ever like to have to actively fight you know, or even be in a fight. im just assuming theres such a thing as a "front line" or in a HUGE place like afghanistan just call it a hot spot. the one trade that does seem interesting generally is port operator (but gets called driver/port operator which makes me think the plot thickens!) i think the port for sending stuff out is in southampton. can i just ask some questions please / get some info.

    1) is anyone on here involved in that role, what does the role involve really - as i understand it its port loading/unloading at both ends of a journey, so i asumme you can be in blightey or elsewhere where our armed forces are operating. im looking at the map and afghanistan is landlocked, with the nearest sea being the persian gulf around iraq/iran, so where the heck is the equipment for afghanistan unloaded and would a port operator be deployed there and /or the uk?

    2) is that as close to the operations as you get, or do you move further in land. the job is port operator so that just means "port" to me, but i keep hearing jonahs saying that everyone in the army has to do there turn in afghanistan and do patrols / guarding etc - but if the job title is port operator then id have thought you stay at the port. whats the score there, can a port dude just be ordered to go right out to helmand or something like that if they want an extra man out there - seems to be a violation of the trade descriptions act to me?

    3) can you get extra training like cranes, fork lift truck, rigid and artic lorries (ie cat c, then c&e or whatever the heck its called)

    the main point of my email is id like to help out, id also like to make new friends and new skills - id also be glad for some time away from the GF and corrie / emerdale / xfactor love to be grafting on a harbourside filling ships etc and seeing them sail away (the sea is soooooo therapueutic)- but to be honest i think thats as far as id like to go. ye i know if a new war kicked off a port would need set up in the operations area,but i dont want to ever advance further in to the lions jaws. is there a chance a port operator could find himself surrounded by sand rather than sea and having some nasty people wanting to do him/her harm?

    is it a safe job, how safe (relatively) ie can you be in harms way with the iraq/afghanistan ops that are still going on - and likely to be for some time yet. what are peoples personal experiences - i just want it summed up to me what the job is, is it dangerous i mean mortally so, is it to be reccomended

    also whats the contact details please for the role - i think its 162 squadron in grantham or lincs, but the port seems to be southhampton. im from up north so i dont mind travelling down, can i do the 19 days national commitment thingy - are they actually looking for port operators in general? is it easy to get into and how hard to get out?

    id love to do the job but not to the extent that im volunteering for TA wages to become target fodder for those inhabitants of that A word.

    give me some feedback please chaps/ladies. and TAKE CARE BEST WISHES!!
  2. Sorry mate you can forget not fighting even the royal navy have bods excluding RM's on the ground in Afghanistan. There's nothing to say that you couldn't be called up and sent to loggie unit as an IR. If you don't want to fight then I guess the TA wouldn't be for you.

    but good wah
  3. Throbber.
  4. ********* but if you are set on this contact HQ RLC at PWOG Bks Grantham and they might help you.
  5. Look at your ARRSE name and go back online with the other Trekky Mongs.
    You sound like those few idiots that slip through the net and get into the TA and show them up.
  6. how am i a ********? oh and im not a trekky mong, just a trekky but i think your the mong. all i was asking for is some details on the post. i should have known. for every one decent reply on here the other 9 are no help at all.
  7. Try this for starters:

    A Reg or TA Port Op may help with more info but 165 Regt is Specialist TA so you I think you are meant to have some transferable skills from civvy street. RLC soldiers (as are every other capbadge) are vulnerable to IED in transit and IDF etc - whilst you probably won't routinely 'close with and kill the enemy' you may be required to do so at some point. If you don't fancy that then I suggest you don't join - it really isn't a hobby these days.
  8. Just join 17 Port & Maritime, quite a few good lads over there in Marchwood. They're pretty good at selling the job. If you're desperate though, there's a TA Port Op @ The Isle of Wight ACIO every now and again, he could be of help. Alternatively, get down to the relative TA Centre.
  9. You've been on ARRSE for a while now, no doubt clicked on a few of the RIP threads and had a gander at those too. There are guys losing their lives in hotspots left right and centre, each and every one of them knew why he joined and what was wxpected of him. Then you come on here with a bone thread asking in no uncertain terms which is the safest trade. Re-read your initial post and have a think about how it may have come across.

    As for 1 in 10 replies being no help at all, I guess you've just got a taster of what 90% of squaddies are going to think of you if you ever join up.
  10. Just to highlight SBM post, my trade i suppose you would call safe. And to all purposes, unless you drop a match, it is! But its where you carry out your trade duties thats put you in danger. The BFI in Shaiba Airfield was hit by mortars fired by insurgents. No one injured luckily. The BFI in Vitez, Bosnia, regularly had rounds fired into it, in fact some of the fuel tanks were hit by rounds. During OP GRANBY, some of the BFI's were more further forward than any other UK Unit. My lads also man FOB's in Helmand, doing their fuel trade as well. But you may not just carry out "your" trade whilst in the Army. You maybe called up to drive vehicles in a location, which then put you in danger, which exactly what 2 of my lads did a few weeks ago in Afghanistan. Well, they are back in the UK now, after coming a bit too close to an IED and recovering well.
    But i dont think you will go down too well, wanting to do a job that is safe. We wear a camouflage uniform and train you to fire a rifle for a reason! :roll:
  11. Do us all a favour & join the VSO instead.
  12. Just a point for your treky boy, on HERRICK 9 last year there were Port Ops and Navy type chaps and girlies carrying out the job of drivers on CLPs for the 6 month tour. No trade is 'safe' when it comes to tours these days.

    However I hear the XBOX games are becoming fairly realistic so that may be more up your street (just apply liberal amounts of tomato ketchup and offal when you want to experience injuries coupled with a stanley knife)
  13. ok guys thanks for the info - i did get some good responses in the end, even from the people who would like to stick a set of star trek dvd boxsets up my ass . But im going to defend myself again here......right, when ever you pick up a magazine about the army or log on to the website it lists some great pictures and goes into great detail about SPECIFIC roles, ie what training you will recieve, what functions you will carry out and what qualifications you will recieve. IT DOES NOT SAY ANYWHERE that you will be doing anything else, it doesnt mention anything about fighting or **** all like that. now i LOVE driving, i love driving lorries and id like to try cranes / FLTs etc and i dont mind a good graft. id genuinely be interested in doing a port operator role so i can help out in my own little way - but im not saying (and ill admit this) that i want to kill someone, or be killed, im not saying i particularly support the governments decision to go to war etc etc all im saying is id like to do the port operator role and hey-ho the army has port operator roles. if i seem to be a pussy not talking about the "reality" of war then thats because the people who produce the advertising / recruitment side of things seem to totally ignore this aspect. yes i have a tv and no one can ignore the news for the past 8 years, but when you get these army jobs described as really nicely definied limited roles which seem to be a million miles away from what id call "front line" action - then dont jump down my ******* throat. the way some of you describe it on here it sounds like you wouldnt join the army unless you specifically wanted to fight - i dont believe that for an instant. youd join because you need a job and would like to do a particular roll in the army, unless your saying all the chefs, vets, denists and even pay roll clerks join up because they want to fight.....surely if this was the case theyd have joined the infantry!!!! anyway i asked a question and got some (in the end) genuine answers.

  14. There's an old saying in the British Army: soldier first, tradesman second. This ethos sets us apart from many other armies around the world and means that we can be more flexible in the employment of our soldiers. All British soldiers are expected to reach and maintain a basic level of military competence to enable them to operate effectively when the going gets tough. And yes, clerks, chefs, storemen and other assorted trades that are viewed as less than combat-orientated have recently been involved in heavy fighting. For RLC drivers, transitting around Afghanistan is most certainly not a safe billet and as a Port Operator there is a distinct possibility that you could be employed on occasion as a driver (hence the full name of the trade).

    You give the impression that you don't actually want to be a soldier; that it's just the opportunity to be a port op in the UK that attracts you. If that's the case, I'd suggest that you might want to give the TA a miss. If you join, you may well find yourself on operations at some point in the future and that sounds like it's the last thing that you want.

    Is that a reasonable enough answer for you?