Info On Armourer?

Discussion in 'REME' started by lewyt666, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. right guys, I'm in the middle of the process of joining up and I'm totally caught between Infantry and Armourer as a job choice!

    I know everything I need to know about the infantry, i.e where I would train, where I would get posted (I mean my choice in battalions etc), but I don't know much about that kind stuff for the armourer?

    if anyone out there is an armourer and know then please give me as much info as you can!

    where I would learn my trade, where I would go after I had completed my training, do I have a choice? Do I go to a normal battalion as an armourer or do I go to a Engineers battalion etc? Just everything you think I will need to know

    thanks guys!
  2. Only think about going armourer if you are a gun nut. If you're still thinking of other choices don't go armourer.
  3. You've said that in most of the Armourer threads I've read! I personally don't think it's true either.
  4. Saerch my previous posts. One of them has a complete breakdown of the armourers course.
  5. ...and thats why second rate armourers like you exist.
  6. Hmmmm. You need to have more of an interest in proper engineering to be an armourer, not a gun freak.

    I'm not an armourer anymore. I wouldn't get out of bed for what the Army used to pay me :)
  7. I searched for a hour and cant find it!

    can you point me in the right direction?