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Discussion in 'REME' started by lewyt666, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. right guys, I'm in the middle of the process of joining up and I'm totally caught between Infantry and Armourer as a job choice!

    I know everything I need to know about the infantry, i.e where I would train, where I would get posted (I mean my choice in battalions etc), but I don't know much about that kind stuff for the armourer?

    if anyone out there is an armourer and know then please give me as much info as you can!

    where I would learn my trade, where I would go after I had completed my training, do I have a choice? Do I go to a normal battalion as an armourer or do I go to a Engineers battalion etc? Just everything you think I will need to know

    thanks guys!
  2. Unfortunatly, you've failed the first test.

    You're obviously too stupid to be a member of God's CORPS. You've posted this in with the scab lifters.

    Try in the REME section, you dildo.
  3. hahaha! totally misread the title! didnt have my contacts in! ha

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  5. Phase 2 Bordon in Hampshire where you will do; Lots off shooting stuff first then on to bench fighting and trade before a posting to the field force. There are Armourers in every Major Unit and many minor units. You can be posted to Infantry, Paras, Marines, Tankies, Artillery, Engineers, and Medics etc. It is the best career choice you could make in my opinion.

  6. ................has Squify not posted yet saying that you need to be a gun freak?? He must be sleeping ;)
  7. Helpful as ever, by skill and by fighting - tw@t

  8. when you say you can be posted to any of the units, do you choose?

    Could I say I wanted to be posted in 2 scots edinburgh?

    Or do i not get a say in it?

  9. That's a bit too specific, you can ask to be posted to Scotland but it would depend on available postings at the time for your trade and rank.
  10. You can tell REME MCM Div anything you want mate but they tend to ignore you and send you anywhere that they want.

    It isn't called Moral CounterMeasures Division for nothing :lol:
  11. To be honest for my first few postings I was not botherd where I went but once I started asking for places such as Germany North of England etc I have been quite lucky. If you are too specific you probably won't get what you want because there will be 3 or 4 others who want the same place as you!! so some one has to be disappointed. If you ask for scotland then the north then there is a fair chance of getting a posting from Ripon or North.

  12. Actually its not MCM Div any more! Its REME Sldr Wg, MS Soldiers CSS Branch.
  13. You mean "morale"?
  14. im an armourer in my third unit, i enjoy working on small arms but to be honest the armourer trade is that undermanned now that you are posted to units that are gapped armourers instead of getting the unit you want. I have always followed the advice when sending in PPP (Preferenece Posting Performas) but the units i have ended up with have never been what i asked for. the other problem with being an armourer is that according to the 'current' rumour (im currently out on Telic) certain armourer posts are being taken away from front line units and placed in to REME Battalions. Madness i guess, but what with the shortage of gods trade, something has to be done. looking back, if i had my time again i wouldnt have joined as an armourer.
    there is nothing to stop you joining the infantry getting some experience and going out on tour, then transferring to be an armourer if you still wanted to.
  15. ref the rumour, its not rumour, its happening, the 'plan' is to take the HQ element out of Inf Bn LAD (Sgt & Cfn) and stuff them into REME Bn to do IST's

    Our stripey wont be getting replaced when his posting is up.

    what a way to improve retention, congrats heres your third, now toddle off to Bn.

    Same is happening with metal benders, we are losing our full screw and not getting a replacement.

    Still I wish I had come across to the Armr world a long time ago instead of waiting.

    It IS a good job, I would say I enjoy my job more than th average VM (my opinion only, no flaming please)