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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by bdm95, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    thinking of joining the army when I finish my a levels, and was wondering if anyone could give me a bit more info on a few jobs. Main roles etc

    Guards platoon officer
    tank troop commander
    engineer troop officer
    Engineering platoon officer
    artillery troop officer

  2. The official army recruitment pages are your best bet at this early stage.
  3. Hello....
  4. From what I've read it sounds like the gurads platoon is just basically an infantry solider, tank troop is obviously based on tanks, artillery is a soldier but use rocket launchers this correct?

    also what's the difference between the engineer troop and engineering platoon?
  5. Engineer Troop will be Royal Engineers, Engineering Platoon will be REME.
  6. As previously stated, I should stick to the recruiting website at this stage for information. Visit a careers office (if any still exist) and ask there, but in summary: these are the initial jobs you would do if you joined the Foot Guards, an armoured regiment, the Royal Engineers, the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers or the Royal Artillery, respectively. Fr each of these options, you would do those jobs (e.g. Engineer Troop Commander if you joined the Royal Engineers) for about two years, before going off to do another slightly more senior job, such as second in command of a company or squadron.

    A couple of things to note:

    Firstly, the vast majority of Army officers are now graduates. This doesn't mean you have to be one to join as an officer, but it does mean that you won't stand a chance of being selected unless you have the equivalent academic potential as a graduate (i.e. you would be able to go to university and get a degree if you had wanted to).

    Secondly, you need to consider not just the role, (whether you like the idea of charging around in tanks or building bridges or being around very large guns, etc.), you also need to consider the ethos of each of the branches of the army you have listed (all very different) and what sort of people they are and therefore which groups you would feel most at home with. Bare in mind that the army is more than just a 9-5 job, you will live with the other officers in your regiment or corps and so you need to make sure that you go somewhere you feel most at home. Hopefully your recruiting staff will be able to advise you on this, the advice at this stage is to just remain receptive to their advice.

    A couple of notes on each of the roles you have identified:

    Guards Platoon Commander. Effectively an infantry platoon commander that happens to be in one of the five Foot Guards regiments. You would command 30ish soldiers whose job it is to fight the enemy dismounted. You could also expect to do some ceremonial stuff (marching up and down outside Buckingham Palace, etc.

    Tank Troop Leader. You would command a troop of 12-16 men and 3-4 Challenger 2 tanks in one of the three Royal Armoured Corps armoured regiments (QRH, KRH or RTR). Your job would be to fight the enemy mounted (i.e. from a tank).

    Engineer Troop Commander. You would command a Royal Engineer Troop of one sort or another (somewhere between 15-40 soldiers). Depending on which part of the RE you went to, your job might involve your troop building or destroying bridges, opening gaps in minefields, doing demolitions, etc.

    Engineering Platoon Commander. You would command a REME platoon of 15-40 soldiers depending on exact role. You would be responsible for repairing and maintaining the army's equipment (beyond the level of maintenance and repair that can be carried out by the soldiers who use that equipment themselves). I believe that you would need an engineering degree to join the REME, so this may not be for you if you do not plan to go to university.

    Artillery Troop Commander. You would command a Royal Artillery troop (probably about 10-15 soldiers depending on role). This troop might consist of the crews for a couple of AS90 self propelled artillery pieces (see Google), or perhaps the operators of one of the army's UAVs (unmanned arial vehicle), (Google Desert Hawk and Hermes 450).

    Of the roles you have identified, only the first two are so called "combat arm" jobs, meaning that they directly engage in "close combat" with the enemy. While one of the Artillery's jobs is to shell the enemy, they do this from a long way away.

    As a disclaimer, I may have got some of the numbers of soldiers commanded slightly off, but it is close enough to give you an idea.

    Good luck.
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  7. Brave Coward's right - they are all the equivalent of a Platoon Commander for different Arms and Cap badges.

    With the Royal Artillery Troop Commander, you may be commanding Air Defence (Rapier or HVM Stormer), UAS (drones - T-Hawk, Desert Hawk 3 or H450 until Watchkeeper hits the streets - not literally, that would be a bad thing...), MLRS (rockets), AS90 (self propelled 155mm gun on tracks), Light Gun (105mm gun on wheels) or STA (Surveillance and Target Acquisition - radars, sound ranging and other stuff).

    That's a fairly broad range of jobs, but roughly speaking all Troop/Platoon commander jobs are similar in barracks, only differing in the field or on operations - your "war fighting" role.

    Platoon Commanders (Pl Cdrs) will lead from the front, charge the enemy, bayonet the hun etc.
    Tank Tp Ldrs will drive around, shout tally ho a lot, wear mustard or cherry cords off duty.
    RE Tp Comds will dig trenches, assemble barbed wire, consult on minefields, do bridging, do engineer recce to find the best crossing sites etc.
    REME Pl Comds will "supervise" highly skilled REME Technicians, only really getting "hands on" technically late, but none the worse for that.
    RA Tp Comds are legends amongst men...seriously, depending on role, the job of the Tp Comd changes - guns do Command Post Officer and then Battery Recce Officer. Air Defence do Recce, then something else. MLRS do recce. STA to recce and command post.

    I have known people in all those jobs and been on the RA side for my career - I'm surprised you haven't considered the obviously sexy Apache Pilot - they are all worthwhile, with different challenges, different blokes and skills required!