Info on 47th Regt Please

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Nicks, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. My youngest is currently at Harrogate until Dec this year and then is looking to join this Regt and as an ex Sailor from the other board I am completely ignorant on all army matters etc,so could some one please give me abit of info.
    I dont want any OPSEC stuff,just like to know what he is going to get up to etc.

    Many Thanks
  2. Actually reading that again its obviously not his as he starts Pirbright today (bless)

    Theres a few bits on there for you but quite an interesting unit to join at the moment with Air Defence, including a para option, and now UAVs, albeit it temp
  3. have been in 47 regt now for 2 years, can honestly say i've done hardly anything. w**kers haven't got a job, unless they wirk in the mt or the qm's they dont do anything. which is great if you like doing nothing.

    not there fault though i dont suppose.

    so if he wants an easy life go to 47.

    if he wants to be a soldier go anywhere else.
  4. I think you'll find that is about to change later this year. You must be in a dead end job then if you have not done anything. The Bty's have been busy for the past two years on all fronts with one only returning from Afghan at the end of last year.
  5. They won't like be called 47"th"!
  6. I do apologise in that respect its my speech impediment coming thru again !!
  7. Nothing wrong with being called the 47th, since that is what they are?!

    Great location in Thorney Island, cracking role now with Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in both HERRICK and TELIC plus HVM when not on ops with new thermal sight. Reasonable tour interval likely with batteries rotating through HERRICK/TELIC on 24 mos tour interval. 12 Regt moving in to share barracks so good opportunities for inter Regt rivalry/sports etc. Guard force about to be augmented by MOD Guard Service so requirement to stag on reduced. Need I go on?



  8. Hmm its my understanding that they are Herrick bound not Telic do to limitations of the kit, actually to be pedantic the MUAV probably came around (in the UK that is) more due to limitations in Phoenix in the first place
  9. The main limitation of Phoenix is that we haven't got any left! 47 were the most able to be re-roled to man the MUAVs.

    I haven't served with 47, but all I know who have say things like "excellent location", "great opportunities" etc. Not much mention of work, as at that time they weren't that busy. New roles and busier times may see that change, but no change to where they are and the opportunities available at Thorney Island.

    Nicks - Worst case your son opts for 47 Regt at Harrogate. He sees more of the RA there (different instructors etc) and maybe changes his mind. This should not be a problem. It used to be the case that they put in a proforma towards the end of Harrogate confirming choice of Regiment, following a show and tell from the Phase 2 staff.

  10. Wellyhead, you can hmmmm as much as you want but they are heading to both locations simultaneously as a composite MUAV/TUAV Bty in each place in partnership with 32 Regt.

    I guess it's your lack of understanding then! :oops:


  11. i did actually put a few in a (part of the job)"wooden box" Hong Kong 1971- 1973....
    I was a medic at the time at the BMH Hong Kong....
  12. Fair enough, but I was refering to certain technical limitations as the reasoning behind only deploying to one theatre, if you are saying that has been sorted then fine, good on them and thanks for clarification. But guys I know have told me they were only going to the 'stan, not saying their right nor you're wrong, just relaying info
  13. WH,

    There is currently an old bird on H and a new one going to T in the sparrow dept and a new bigger bird going to both. There is also an aspiration to upgrade all sparrows accross theatres to the new type.


  14. ahhhh now that make perfect sense, always thought the limitation was workable and required considering the little 'uns tactical advantage