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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Edam, May 12, 2007.

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  1. I have recieved my application forms and "Insight Weekend" info today.
    Anyone here have any advice or knowledge on what to expect first hand ?
    I think The Duke is 4 Para but as he said he tries not to bother with us "Northern fackin Monkeys".
    Just kidding ...........but is anyone on here part of the Pudsey outfit ?
    Any tips for me on how to survive ? :D

    I am actually looking forward to be finally getting things moving.
  2. Hi Edam,
    I went on the para insight course recently up in colchester here is what you should expect in the 36 hours u'll be there.

    When you arrive it'll be straight into the block and issued your kit for the weekend (boiler suits,helmets and boots if you havent allready got a pair.)
    Then u'll prob be givin some scoff, usually just a brown bag full of crap and then send into some room to chill out for a bit to wait for everyone to arrive.
    you'll be given all your linen for the weekend and need to make ur bed up right and put everything in our lockers for an inspection shortly after. Thats it for the first night.

    saturday consists of a 1.5mile run , 2mins max press-ups,2 mins max sit-ups and then some more running. After that its some introductions and you'll get shown some weapons and get to play with them for a bit, have a look at the kit worn in a para jump and then shown some videos.
    in the afternoon you'll prob go to the assault course to complete it a few times and then try out a few team chellenges like getting an ammo box across the assault course without touching the ground.

    then its back to the camp for icebreakers nd interviews and if your lucky after that its usually down to the local for a few pints.. make sure noone fucks about though coz we had some little git get rat arsed and piss the bed during the night and some scousers were messing about so we got beasted the whole night and ripped out of our beds every hour.

    If you make it to sunday :tongue: its just the log race over about a mile (usually before sunrise) and then back to camp again for your final interviews with your team leader, you'll get to buy some lovely t-shirts haha saying "i survived the para insight course" then its off home.

    Hope this helps !!

    and Enjoy it, treat it like a selection weekend and give it your best as you'll be constantly assessed for your final interview then.

    Good Luck

  3. Anyone here in 4 Para while being at uni? If so whats life like? how does trainging fit around your studies...etc..?

    I have asked before, but I thought I'd ask again to get some new replies.

    Thanks for any help.

  4. I'm on the 4 Para 10 Company course next weekend - anyone else?

    Also, does anybody know when the next 10 company training starts?
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  6. Random, I'm on the course and nervously looking forward to it.

    I was told that the training starts sometime in June

    How much preperation have you done for it?
  7. I'm doing the military gap year this year but I've not signed up for the insight day, do I need to? Also, a bit off topic, but I have signed up with 12 coy, filled in all my forms and passed the medical but it looks like I'm going to be in London all summer working 9-5. Would I be able to transfer to 10coy and do the MGY with them even though I've signed on in Pudsey?

    It could be possible to get to Leeds from London for the training weekends but what time do you have to arrive on the friday night? Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Training with 10 Coy instead of 12 Coy should be no problem. Training starts at 1930 for weekends. Check with the PSAO about the need for the insight course.
  9. im on the Insight Course (10 Coy) this weekend and signed up for the MGY. does anyone know if the Insight weekend is similar to TAFS (I ask as ive already been in over a year)?
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    The insight weekend is designed for people to get an "insight" into 4 Para, and an opportunity to start the paperork and admin to allow those who have attended to start the next cadre. Without doing the admin they are not medicaled so no phys, and no army number, clothing issue etc.

    No training takes place.

  11. Duke,

    Cool cheers mate, was just wondering. I rung PSAO and theres no need for me to do the medical, my main objective is to find out a bit more about the MGY that ive signed up for
  12. Gazzaroyal,

    Hello mate, I haven't done much specific training as I was training for the mararton - since then I've been doing more press ups and sit ups and some 1.5 mile runs. You?


    Thanks for the info. I'm away for two weeks in July with work so I guess that would mean I'd have to start on the cadre after the next one?
  13. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Lo folks, coming towards the end of recruit training with 10 Coy (London) 4 PARA here, so can give you an impression of what to expect from my experience, though Duke may need to correct me on facts of how things are meant to be done / are done at other locations.

    Insight w/e is very relaxed, ours was medical, out on trucks to training ground, 1.5 miler test run as a squad to check out fitness (to be done in under 14 minutes, though obviously most everyone went a good deal faster), few rounds supervised shooting on range, back to base. Videos / briefing / Q&A / general info spread throughout day.

    Bear in mind, this is not the same as the reg Para insight course, which is a damn sight harder as Rory points out. The Reserve ethos - so we were told - is to build people up further from the start of training to the end (ie you have to do it in your own time) rather than getting people in at a high level of fitness from the start. However, be aware you don't have much time - you want to be as fit as possible before you start, because even though you will build your fitness as the course progresses, so does the difficulty, so you may be constantly struggling even though you are improving. It's not fun being in this position, trust me. ;-)

    Edam: not up at Pudsey, but been there and trained with them once or twice, can tell you their lead PTI is a beast (so make sure you're fit before you start) but he & their whole team seem like good sorts. The SgtM up there is a bit of a champion too, getting briefings a la the voiceover from Big Brother is class.

    PeterMunday: several people in our cadre at uni / college. To be honest, you will have it a lot easier in terms of time / exhaustion than people working (going on a field weekend, getting back on a sunday night and needing another 2 days to rest, then working on monday morning = not fun). However, it will probably be harder for you mentally to put the time in, since turning up to get lashed by PTIs & sleep with 20 snoring lads isn't always the most attractive option compared to nights out on the lash & sleeping with 20 year old lasses.

    Random & Gazzaroyal: Next 10 coy cadre is early / middle of July I believe, as soon as ours ends. Good news is the 10 coy training team are legends, to a man. Of course, I have to say that, because they might read this, and the hole is small and dark and I can't breathe... Seriously, I've been v impressed by the staff, and it makes the whole thing a damn sight easier; you will definitely have laughs inbetween the crap. You will of course get beasted hard, but that same staff will joke with you later on in admin off-time, be happy to give some phys advice, or give you all full mugs of hot brew on the ride back after a tab, then see how many speedbumps he can accelerate over :twisted: Living the dream!

    Big tip: start the fitness now. Even if you think you're fit, even if you are fit, you probably need to be fitter. Specifically, appropriate fitness, ie lots of running & bodyweight exercises (plenty of info about that on this site) because I started as a whiz on a bike, pretty good swimmer, poor to average runner, and I've been seriously struggling because of the latter. Never too early to start, because it's a hell of a lot better than having to extra beast yourself the weeks before P-Coy as I'm doing.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Not neccesarily. Speak to the PSAO - he will confirm this for you.


    Good post. Drive on, work hard!