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hi can anyone give me detailed info on 4/73. I want to join the Army and then join 4/73 special observers, but I 've heard varying stories about it, ie they don't deploy vary often and they've just being forgotten about. Also can I have some information on their Selection Course please? cheers
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type 4/73 , Special OPs, Special Observers, Sphinx Battery and various other mix ups of those words -read the threads. Go to 5 Regt RA website too.

Bear in mind although the Bty told me that as long as I have a high standard of fitness I should be fine on the course, others told me the best idea is to get experience in the Army first. The careers office itself told me that the course can be harder than the Commando Course and P Company.
are you alowed to join 4/73 if you wear Contact Lenses/Glasses? Silly question but one that has to be asked never the less. x.
It probably depends how blind you are...I doubt there is anything in 4/73 joining regs that need them to be able to see more than normal Army regs, but again, a call to them/checking their website may help.

Given that I think you have said elsewhere you weren't in the Army yet, you may have time to ponder this as you advance. Getting accurate info on them would be easier too, given their specialised role. If you are only going to join to be in 4/73 then that might be pinning your hopes on a slim chance.

My advice - do Phase 1, then Phase 2 at Larkhill. Get more info on 4/73 throughout. Try straight from Ph2 (as you now can), or maybe more sensibly get some experience and then try out. Either way, good luck.
Maybe time for a 'sticky' for all questions relating to joining 7, 29, 4/73 (one for each) as these questions seem to be coming up an awful lot and we're covering the same old ground. GQ, what do you think?
The best thing to do if you want info on 473 Battery is get in touch with the Battery or 5 Regt RA. There have been some interesting posts but most inaccurate. I have not passed the selection course and am not in the Battery but have recent experience of working with them.
Great bunch. Nearly fully manned but always looking for the next group of guys. Exceptionally busy on operations; they have had a patrol deployed with 3 PARA in Afghanistan, a Troop attached the the 19 Brigade Surveillence Company in Iraq, they have a Troop currently in Afghanistan, they have three FACs currently serving in Afghanistan. They will provide the 52 Brigade Recce Force in October. They also have a number of additional potential deployments that I dont what to discuss on this means.

They are made up guys from all parts of the Artillery, soldiers and officers from different Battalions in the Infantry and men from all over the Army.

In short they soldier: the course is hard but realistic, they provide outstanding training opportunities and allow young officers and NCOs to do what they are good at. |The skill sets that soldiers train in are best discussed when you chat to the Battery or visit them for a morning to speak direct to them

Hope that helps.
About the glasses/contact lens thing. Stick to glasses as you will get pretty grotty on selection and you will be putting in some long hours. A clean hygenic area for extracting contact lenses will not always be available and the bottles of cleaning stuff is another weight that you have to lug about.
Hi a little out of date but I have just heard that the next selection course is going to be in Jan 08. I think they are doing it then to give those who pass a chance to get on the HERRICK 10 ORBAT.

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