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I'm due posting this year and have been 'pencilled in' to a PID at 30 Sigs. I would like to find out some information regarding what the unit is like, married quarters, Nuneaton?? Location, location, location.....

Valid comments please although i'm sure that some individuals will persist in providing negative comments!!
If you like been uber busy it's fantastic for that, it has good links for traveling M1 and the M6 are not far away, Bramcote itself is in the middle of nowhere but Nuneaton is just down the road. My quarter was on artillery road which was pretty damn good sone of the house's look a bit grotty on the outside but i suppose it will depend how kids you have and possibly what rank you are. As I've always daid i don;t listen to what others have said as they will have their own opinions and my thought is a posting is what you make it.

any more info needed pm me
Cheers soldierboy7999. Check your Inbox. If anybody else has any more info then it would be gratefully received.

Most of the quarters OK, some look better than others. There are some newer ones on artillery, dyers and alderney - detcached/semi with garage and big gardens. All 3 bedroomed.

Alma Court - Looks can be deceptive, dont look too hot but are much bigger than the newer ones. 3 or 4 bedrooms and seperate dining room. Gardens quite small. Ive lived in both but prefer these

The other areas are older houses from when it was an RAF base and are and 3 beds.

As soon as posting conformed get applying for quarter as there is a shortage, there are ssfa off camp in 3 different areas also the odd private hiring for good measure.

Bus service is not good at all so driving is pretty essential. Lets of supermarkets and shops all within a 10 min drive. excellent chinese take away just up the road lol!

Not sure about work stuff as been on maternity leave since we got here this time but OH is usually pretty busy. PM me if you like as we are still here for the forseeable
Hey convoy_cock, i'll bear that in mind. As for the MQ info that's great. Sounds like there's quite a few 3 bedroomed quarters. We dont' have kids, but we've got two dogs which has always been taken into consideration when applying for quarters in the past.
I've got another question which IMHO is a very important one. What's the Broadband service like on camp? What bandwidth are you getting? Who; in your opinion, is the better provider? I look forward to your responses.


I left there just under two years ago. The pads moaned all the time about the broadband service. Some of the MQs are on shared lines and for some the 'last link' from the street boxes to your wall socket is aluminium rather than copper. Can't see that this would have changed since I left, as the shared lines hadn't changed in the ten years since I was there previously.

I wouldn't place any hope at all on getting a good service........waits to be shot down

Hmm, fair one. I've just done a Speed test and entered the postcode for Bramcote Barracks and found that the average speed is between 2Mb (with Sky) or 5Mb (with Virgin). Although i'd guess that these speeds are extremely variable indeed.
i was with the satan's lot BT and could only manage about 1.5 megs and sometimes even down to 512kb, its basically crap as you are in the middle of nowhere
That's bloody typical. I mean, Blandford was crap, Germany was good, Blandford was crap again, Cambridge believe it or not is pretty crap and now Nuneaton sounds like it's gonna be crap (all as far as Broadband is concerned I might add). Oh well. Rant over.

Many thanks for your responses.
I was able to get a better connection with T-Mobile mobile broadband than most fixed line connections on camp. Good service which doesn't cap you at 3-5Gb a month, only a "fair use policy".
Now that doesn't sound too bad. What's the package called? How much is that a month?
Nice one. I'll take a look at that later and see what I can get.

Bramcote is great. Quarters right beside work, back home for lunch, a decent mess life, running round the windbreaks (ankle-tastic!). The gym is shiite though, not the fault of the PTIs but just tiny.

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