Info on 3 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteers)?

Been hunting around for further info on 3 (V) MI Bn but Army website is under development link is dead and the Reserve Forces London website seems to be down as well.

Where in London are they based? Do they have any outlying units SW towards Basingstoke/Southampton?

I'm 34 in July, work in the defence sector but have not served, been talking about the TA for years but never got off my backside to do it and time is running out! Int Corp would be good as I'm potentially interested in a future career change into security/risk management. Cost and time to travel to London may be prohibitive so alternative would have to be Sigs in Reading.

Cheers for any pointers.

Try the Recruiting Officer on 0207 611 3912.
Cheers for your responses. Will give recruiting officer a call to see if they have any units down my way. I noticed a post on here about a Portsmouth unit but not clear if that has happened or not.
Butterfly said:
There is a small detatchment unit in Portsmouth and that comes under 3 MI Battalion.

Is this detachment in anyway connected or related to the royal navy?
I’m interested thanks.
Is it possible to get a compressed phase 2 with 3 Military Intelligence Battalion? I know you can do phase 1 all lumped up together to save you doing it over so many weekends, is there also one for phase 2?

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