info on 23 SAS reserves?

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Going in for 23 SAS Reserves selection and just been doing some research into training (looking at fitness mainly) but one area I read about but haven't been able to find much info on is the qualifications that you can acquire after continuation training wondering if any one can shed some light onto what sort qualifications you can acquire.

I read that you can do these qualifications:

•Patrol Medic
•Enhanced Surveillance and Reconnaissance
•Emergency Close Air Support
•Support Weapons
•Close Protection


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Historically they have done recce work. The course options are wide and varied but more toward recce in the future is likely and less towards jumping through windows shouting Banzai!
Going in for 23 SAS Reserves selection...
Just wondering as you are wishing to join SF is it wise for you to publicise the fact on the internet. Well I'm certain the selection will be much more difficult than the college interview you were shitting yourself about, don't mention your amateur horror movie making career it might make you sound unstable, oh and stay out of the Greggs in Broadmarsh in Nottingham. PerSec, just saying like ;)

(Edit to say good luck with the application but suggest you ask for this thread to be removed)

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To go completely off subject. I'am thinking of joining the army and purely out of curiosity I wondered if any one could tell me if when you are in the army are you allowed either to buy/purchase other guns/weapons or are you just allowed the standered issue weapons…dosen't matter but just wondered and wanted to clear it up…thanks in advance to any one who can give me some info. not mention this either.
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