Info on 1 RHA


In phase 1 training at the mo and I'm interested in joining 1 RHA, could anybody tell me anything about the regiment and the area they are based? I've heard good things from the RA guys on camp..would jus like to comfirm it.

Thanks for any help.
They are an AS90 Regiment based in Tidworth, on the edge of Salisbury Plain.

Nearest proper civilisation - Andover or Salisbury, both strictly driving distance. Tidworth is a Garrison town, so caters well for soldiers.

The Regiment will be much the same as any other AS90 Regiment, just with an injection of Horse.
A regiment as good as any other Regt but I would rather be a Chestnut than in B Bty!

E Bty rock as well!!!!

AS90's put away at the minute.We currently re-roled to 105mm Light gun for the deployment later this year to Afghan.Each Battery has plus and minuses in my opinion.We based in a completly re-built camp with each soldier getting ther own single man room with on suite toilet/shower.Tidworth camp and local area now coming to completion on rebuild and completly different to when i got posted to the 1st Regiment.Any more information you would like about the up and coming tour or any thing please PM me.

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