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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Montsegur, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Hello all, thought this the best place to ask this question.
    If i am diagnosed as having asthma (not that i officially have been) what will my medical grading be (P3?) and will i still be able to deploy on Ops. Have no problems in passing CFTs and PFTs. To me it is a manageable condition which i have managed for 16-17 years deploying on exercises and operations worlwide in hot and cold extremes with no problems at all.
    Am asking this question as have come up against a civillian doctor who works at our med centre who now seems to think that it is a problem and is trying to downgrade me to possibly P7, completely unecessary in my opinion.
    Would be grateful for any advice as things are spiralling out of control at a rapid rate of knots..

    Many thanks
  2. I know a chap who failed his divers medical for asthma. Didnt keep him from deploying on telic.
  3. Thats what im hoping, have no problem in being downgraded to P3 if thats what needs to happen, but still want to deploy so am hoping common sense will prevail.
  4. Best of luck.
  5. Cheers mate think im going to need it..
  6. If you are diagnosed with asthma, it usually depends on the type of asthma, and what are the most likely causes of setting it off. Most asthmatics in the army are downgraded to P3, so prior to deployment they are supposed to have a medical risk assessment performed.

    If a soldier has asthma that is triggered by dust (for example) then obviously sending that soldier on operational deployments to dusty areas could be a problem.

    However, most asthmatics in the military still go on operations, as their asthma is very well controlled. :)

    Good luck - and I hope you get to deploy without any problems. 8)
  7. Sorry was about to call you a weak chested fool who should preferably (should) consider service with the fire brigade, but then i realised you were not posting in the naafi bar.