Info needed

Hi peeps,

I need a little help and hopefully you can help me out.

I know these questions are a little random but anybody from 3 med will probably know why Im asking them.

I need to know the following:

1. Who is the RAMC Corps RSM?
2. Who is the C in Chief of the RAMC?
3. Who is the QARANC Corps RSM?
4. Who is the C in Chief of the QARANC?
5. What are the Corps marches for both of the above?
6. When were both Corps Formed?

Any help you may be able to give will be greatly appreciated.
Surely, saying the three med line, evrybody there should know at least their own Corps March and C in C.
Why are you being so lazy? All of this information is free and available on the same internet you posted your questions for someone else to answer....dig around and stop being so idle..
Cheers for the help guys,

I know it was lazy of me but I thought id save myself time and ask a few subject matter experts.

Again cheers for your help, much appreciated.

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