Has anybody served with Jim Sugrue over the years? Jim is moving over to the dark side soon and I am Presiding over his dine out and would like any old stories about him from the past. Any help is appreciated.
Perhaps you haven't got any replies because you have put his name out there in the ether just like the mods have asked you not to?

And for the record, I have and I know that he is very partial to bingo.


Big gay Jim??? He loves the c0ck. Feel free to mention that at his dining out.
My God - I have not seen him for a while. Hope he is well and pass on my regards.

One story comes to mind. When we were out one night after a shooting competition many moons ago, the birds were all over him and when he pulled out his 9 incher even 3 lesbians converted and wanted some of BIG Jim. He was always a good laugh and a devilishly handsome chap. I am glad he is going over to the dark side cos not only will he be a gentleman but now an officer too.

Good luck to him

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