info needed ref, no2 dress

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by smudge77, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. i am just finding out which infantry badge i wear on my number 2 dress, i am currently a driver in the rlc, but am a fully trained infantry soldier transfered from para's, therefore am intitled to wear the badge on my left sleeve. i am just wondering as i have been told there are 2 different ones 1 = a diamond with a dagger in, or 2 = an oval reef with dagger in. can anyone in-lighten me as there is no-where on the net that says
  2. What level of Inf trained soldier were you?
  3. well i was fully trained para reg, spent 6 yrs there. passed out of itc catterick in 98
  4. oval reef mate , its for grade 1 inf solider
  5. Check your corps dress regs via RHQ most likely that they will say no as the infantry soldier badge is for infantry soldiers. You relenquished that "trade" on transfer
  6. Never mind though, you can regale us all for years with your tales of when you were a real soldier and of how it was your knees/back that let you down after cracking them/it on a dry stone wall after a particularly poorly planned night drop in Wales in the pouring rain, with full kit, the General and the 81mm Mor hanging around your neck.

    I'm close aren't I?
  7. i thought the infantry badge was for infantry trained soldiers. thats what i am arent i? theres a couple of lads in our unit that wear them still as a dvr, and your still equired to wear your wings even thou your not in an airborne unit, i just wasnt sure which one it was., what is the difference anyway between the oval and the diamond one's?
  8. oval is a solider who has completed a grade one cadre .
    diamond is just cic
  9. i take it grade one cadre is going through itc catterick? and what is cic?
  10. cic = combat infantrymans course
    grade one is usually a one day thing after you have been in batt for about a year ( but most batts never even bother running them )
  11. Smudge77

    You served with the Parachute Regt and you don't even know what badges the infantry wear? All this would have been explained day one, week one of ITC.

    Diamond with bayonet: class 2 infantry (worn right lower arm)

    Oval with bayonet & reef: Class 1 infantry (Worn upper right arm)

    I think you will relincwise this badge as soon as you become class 1 in your new trade. I had to ditch my class 1 Infantry badge to join the RAMC.
  12. Grade one is carried out at your Battalion and usually consists of a three week course, a bit like an MPC or JMQC. Changes from unit to unit.
  13. Sounds about right!
  14. i thought every one wore there grade one badge on the right lower arm
  15. they do now, obviously some people on here dont know where to wear there badges.