info needed on medal awarded in canal zone!!

hoping somebody can help me

my old man was in suez first and second time round

he is a stubborn old git and wont give out much info he just says he was there on national service 1st time round and got called back up for round two

he has a medal (which he wont show me) but was then sent another one a few years ago (which is im assuming the GSM pre 62 canal zone)
ive spent many hours looking for any others that might have been given out to no avail

any of you older wiser gents on here give me a clue or have an idea what it may be!??

Have a look around this site and if you still can`t find what you`re looking for...just ask one of the members. There`s a wealth of knowledge on there and they are all reasonable chaps.
Sorry mate the site should read

.com and not

Sorry if it mislead you.
As far as I'm aware it was the 1918 GSM with two separate clasps; "Canal Zone" for the first time and "Near East" for the second time.

Happy to be corrected though.


BBC Announcement

Your old man wasn't gazetted was he? (Awarded a gallantry award - might explain the second medal).

You can search the gazette here:-

London Gazette

***Edit - just read your post again, the second medal might have been the decision to award the GSM clasp for the first jaunt - can believe they weren't switched on enough to determine who already had the GSM and just issue a clasp. Would be unusual to have two of the same GSM issued.
the thought of two medals with different clasps has crossed my mind!!

im searching the Gazette option just incase he is a dark horse!

i reckon the two clasps sounds more feasable but they fooked up and sent another medal

thanks for the pointers gents! :)

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