Info needed on L85A1 for DITS

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dan2k7, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys, I am doing my DITS theory at the weekend on the differences between the L85A1 and L85A2. Found many different faults but does anyone have any experience on 2 that I have found. First one was to do with the mag housings, apparently they were thin walled and could be dented easily to the point where a mag couldn't be loaded?

    Second was that the gas plug could jam in the block and would need an armourer to remove. Can anyone confirm that these were true and what was subsequently done to prevent them happening?
  2. The original issue way back in 87 . We had to hand them back in as the magazine release catch never had a cover around it . Guys were losing full mags doing roping drills getting in and out of craft losing them in the oggin . I was in training at the time never witnessed any of this but remember our weapons being withdrawn for a short period for mods . Hope that helps . You could use this as your teaching question then lead into what mods have come in since . I'm sure there are guys on here who can verify my story as all teeth arms got issued them around the same time in 87 . Good luck .

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  3. The mags were certainly a problem. The sides would dent easily but I found the biggest problem was with the lips of the magazine. Dent thses and you had all sorts of problems.

    Heard about the gas plug problem but never expirenced it myself.

  4. Thanks for that Sludge, food for thought. So far have seen the revised cocking handles, trigger guards as you mentioned and revised firing pins to prevent fractures. Read a lot about other modifications as well, but can't find any solid evidence of what difference they made to reliability/performance.
  5. Thanks for that, when you say sides, do you mean the receiver of the weapon or the sides of the actual mags?
  6. I've heard the exact same story back in 99 when i did my class 3. It was an immediate MOD to put a guard around the release catch. It was before my time but I heard that practice / dummy TMH's were sent to units for the armourer / metalsmith to practice spot welding the guard on. Im sure someone older and wiser will confirm this
  7. The A1 had that many modifications, the A2 is almost a different weapon.
  8. I remember more than one SAA instructor saying that 90% of stoppages are feed related, and 90% of feed stoppages are magazine related
  9. Do you still have to forward assist on the A2 or has this been removed?
  10. dank you might want to revise your theory lesson as 20 mins will fly bearing mind you only have 2 mins intro an 2 mins consolidation . 16 mins to get half a dozen KLP,s in tall ask that mate .
    Good luck none the less .

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  11. Thanks for the info guys. I am thinking so as well Sludge, but apparently we aren't allowed to change the titles. The idea was checked and approved, so now I have to stick with it.

  12. Of the mags.

  13. Different bolt, cocking handle, gas plug, ect ect ect. 83 plus modifications IIRC without checking.
    Oh, and forward assist is still taught.
  14. You could point out that they brought in the Emag for theatre without doing the extensive trials that they did on the HK mag; so it is debatable whether blaming the magazines for most of the reliability problems is completely fair. I've used both. The main difference I noticed was the Comma Cocking handle rather than the round one. The Round cocking handle had a habit of bouncing ejected cartridges back into the chamber and causing double feeds. Some more info here...

    SA80 - Gun Wiki All open source. Google is your friend.