Info needed on Aeromed

Just some info needed on a possible Aeromed. After a Subtular Ankle Fusion can you fly by bird with a cast on? Needing evidence to build a case........
You can not fly by bird. The bird would never get off the ground. Besides if we could fly by bird we would all migrate to warmer climes each winter wouldn't we.
You need to ask the orthopaedic surgeon really. Depends when the surgery was if last week then probably not, if 3 months ago then probably yes. There will be a higher risk of DVT.
I can't think of a reason to routinely move such a patient by helicopter, but the issue with casts is swelling of the limb, which is likely to occur within the first 48 hours after application, and will be made worse by altitude and/or the limb not being kept elevated.

Usual rule for flying with a cast is no fly for 48 hours unless cast is bivalved. After 48 hours RAF aeromed should be ok subject to clearance by SO2 Aeromed based on clinical situation.

If civ flight, airline may require prior med clearance, escort and additional seats, wheelchair assist and lift on/off.

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