Discussion in 'RAC' started by masher69, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. i was watching a re-run of the queens cavalry, and was wondering how often the lads get weekends off? The programme says that the mounted regiment is 120 strong all ranks , not a lot of men to do all the work?
  2. Dunno about knighstbridge but at Windsor unless your on exercise/optag/guard duties etc you usually knock off early on a Friday and thats it until first parade Monday mornin. I aint been mounted but I'm sure it works along the same lines once your finished trainin. All your guard and stuff works on rotation anyway so you know in advance if you'll be able to book leave and stuff
  3. What do officers do compared to soldiers in the H/cav?
  4. Call the Queen Mummy?
  5. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Play Polo and occasionally turn up on the tank park and get in the way before being told to sod off back to the mess where they can do no harm.
    Oh and turn up just before the vehicles deploy with the worlds largest Bergan and other assorted bags. Then 3 weeks after the operation/exercise has concluded appear and say "Corporal have you seen my kit?". No sir what was it in? "Oh a black dustbin liner......"
    You get the picture. :?
  6. yeh i get it- will go for soldier most probably anyway. Also, how long do soldiers do the queens life guard? Apologies if I got that wrong
  7. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tomjj, just to help you focus, if you had even considered serving as a trooper as opposed to an officer in the HCR then you are not arrogant enough to be a HCR officer in the first place. Dont get me wrong there were some very good officers and there were some very very bad ones. Not much in between and the good ones didnt hang around for long.
    dont know much about the donkey side i never did it.
    PM me if you have any specific questions, but my info is a bit dated been out 9 years.
  8. Do you want to do the mounted thing especially?

    If not why not join a line cavalry regiment instead? I'm not suggesting that the officers are viewed differently (or indeed are in fact any different) but, if you don't want to do public duties, it might make sense.
  9. lol thanks I'm more of the sort of guy to get stuck in and help out than walk around telling people what to do.

    Yeh I do want to do the mounted stuff aswel as the operational side but I would like to know how long the troopers stay 'on guard' on a horse. Oh and wait is the name for it? :?
  10. Dunno much about the mounted side of life but its called queens life guard. As an officer you'll do more the escort side of things rather than stag. Some of the officers are sound blokes once you get past the first impressions, some are all mouth and no trousers with hilarious surnames you can't say when your drunk, mummy and daddy own lots of hounds etc but all have a good sense of humour and 90% of people get on, Officers/Other ranks as most problems are squared away by the SNCO's whilst the officers do their thing. If your worried about the toff thing then as has been said already, look towards trooper level as many cavalry officers have the silver spoon factor. As for getting stuck in, ops side, everyone does their job to the best of their ability and any problems that come up are sorted within the crew/tp/sqn. Accents and background stuff arent an issue in that respect. Oh and learn to map read as many of them don't seem to have that ability.
  11. thanks bloodgroup- just done watching 'The Queen's Cavalry' on DVD and it has answered all my questions. It was on TV a while back and recently apparently but I missed it. Shows both the ceremonial side aswell as the operational one; and was only £6 off Amazon. :D
  12. Yeah its quite good dvd mate, not enough ops side if u ask me but I'm no editor. Good luck anyway if you decide HCR is for you, excellent regiment to be a part of and your guarenteed a few tours.
  13. Yeh it is good but I enjoyed that most of it was about ceremonial because that part appeals to me slightly more than the operational and bloody hell the amount of polish needed!

    Is it still true that the Army has more horses than tanks?
  14. Not if you don't include the privately owned ones.
    The Household Cavalry is a great life and You won't regret it if you decide to join. Officers in the HCR need to be quite well off. They don't have to be but I have seen those who are surviving on just their wages struggle a little with all the extra stuff they are encouraged to pay for.
    Have a look on the Household Cavalry website and what ever you choose good luck and well done for not just sitting at home spending your dole in Wii games.
    Right you line cavalry gents, Hands off this fine lad. :wink:
  15. Just make sure you join The Life Guards Tom.Then you can have the smug satisfaction of being superior to everyone else :D