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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by fusfa, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Am going there soon and was just wondering if anyone has been before. Whats it like there? what sort of comfort kit should i take? what facilitys are there? etc etc any info whatsoever would be very much appreciated. thanx
  2. Have you suffered some form of massive head trauma? It would make sense.
  3. Depends where there you are going.

    If you are staying on the Peter Long ward (after head trauma etc) then be prepared for three weeks initially. Mine turned out to be 3 and a half months.

    Take a small TV, personal stereo, playstation, laptop etc.... the NAAFI is poo, take enough toiletries for 2 weeks!!!!!!

    Trackies and loadsa stuff..... There is a washing machine and driers on the ward ONLY for use by ward patients.

    Payphone is there as are 3 PCs, pool table, bigscreen TV and DVD player.

    You will stay there for two weeks for assesment before they let you out for weekend leave!

    If you are on lower or upper limbs, then thats a different kettle of fish all together and I have no idea what thats like (food is crap mind you)!!!!
  4. ?
  5. no head damage. Am suffering from major nerve damage in right leg and arm from shrapnel wounds (RPG) Also have broken knee (had some removed) fibula and ankle.
  6. I wish you a speedy recovery,

    I went a few years ago and i was in "lowers" the treatment was second to non, when i was there we were allowed home every weekend, i found the food to be excellent, but as with most things,things change.

    With lower limb injury be prepard for lots of upper body i put 3" on my chest and 1 1/2" on my neck, i was there 3 months in total, the worse thing i found was that i had to try and get my unit to sort out any admin that i needed, then wasn't told when i was put on the Y list.

    Good luck

  7. Is it not RAF Headley Court anymore? I was there in 92 following a bike accident, I thought it was awesome, food was fantastic, Naafi bop on a friday where a bus load of Leatherhead/Epsom slappers were delivered. Though after a few weeks you could go out if deemed fit enough, plenty of options on the sympathy fork direction!!!! lol . The people there were fantastic, 13 place fracture in tibia............running 9 1/2 BFT in month and a half, fantastic. Best bit was the "no rank" policy, you are having a crack with in my case a Brigadier, but as you are all on your ass when you arrive, you are all just "injured" men. I do hope the place has not sold out because I have the utmost respect for all the treatment I recieved there, without it I would have been MD'd and not done another 6 yrs.
  8. I can vouch for most of this - although I didn't get there until 2001. Don't remember any NAAFI 'bops' though - might have been a bit difficult with crutches / calipers etc anyway! Headley Court is an absolute jewel in the crown of the Medical Services. Quality of treatment is simply outstanding and the fact that Premier League footballers and F1 drivers have rehabilitated there (at vast cost to their 'owners' mind you) is independent witness to that fact.
  9. Well said, at that only confirms my opinions of anyone in the "unfortunate" (you know what I mean) position to go there. An amazing place staffed by amazing people that do actually give a Fork, because thats what they do best, Although the "lovely gentleman" ie **** who was doing the return to service PT was an absolute arrse, I'm sure he had my best interests at heart!!!!!!! I will repeat that I cannot thank them any more, Unless I was a top league player or driver ,I certainly could not afford that level of healthcare anywhere, Thanks Liz x
  10. Cool good to know. Saw it on BFBS news the other night and it looks mint.
    Am due there early Jan.