Info about carpentry/surveyor


Hi fellas,

I recently DAORd from Para depot but am missing the army life so have decided to rejoin doing something I always wanted to do which is either carpentry or surveying.

When I was in depot I actually missed parts of construction while enjoying aspects of the army life so I figure putting the two together might make it more enjoyable, I’d have a trade for when I leave and also most importantly I cannot DAOR twice so I’d have to suck it up.

This leads me to a dilemma because I have a bit of experience with carpentry (very basics) and enjoy it but I was also a chainboy on site for a little which which is helping surveyor engineers. Surveying is interesting and can pay loads on civvie street but carpentry is probably a bit more hands on, fun and you can do projects around the house etc.

That’s a choice I have to make but I was wondering if anyone here actually has any insight into the roles and can tell me what to expect? I also wouldn’t mind if someone touched on combat engineering (phase 2 I believe?) as I don’t know a lot about that either.

Only reason I’m asking here is the only thing I can find on these two roles are like a minute video on youtube from the army.

Go for surveyor.

Chippies ,even decent ones, are two a penny and are effected by the going rate.

Brickies are currently on about £170 to £250 per day in dat dere London.

All likely due to change due to our Friend Mr Covid



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I'm a chartered building surveyor who was trained in land survey and I was a survey engineer in the reserves - it is not like construction site work where you stand in mud holding a levelling staff. It is far more involved, technical and you need to be able to be pretty good with maths (yes there are computers and calculators but you need to understand what is happening) Also, I haven't heard the term chain boy for years.