Influence of Abrams &Challenger Tanks in the outcome of GW1

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wiley353at17, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. My daughter has been given the following topic as the subject for an extended essay-4000 words - for her International Baccalaureate

    "how significant were the Abrams and Challenger tanks in determining the outcome of the 1991 Gulf War? "

    I would appreciate any help/ guidance on answering the above. If any references to any official reports etc could be identified for referencing it would be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Tell your lazy child to do her own work.

    I had to these sorts of things before the internet was invented. I couldn't beg borrow, or steal my essays.

    I even had to hand write them!
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  3. Sounds like her tutor doesn't understand the military, on their own they weren't, in conjunction with everything else they played their part. no more or less. The fuel and ammunition logistics had they broken down would have rendered them useless.
  4. I passed my history GCSE so I wouldn't have to answer questions like that in exams any more.

    She has to do it herself.

    4000 words on concept of ops?

    Teachers a mong.
  5. A line that might be worth taking is the complete over estimation of the capabilities of the Soviet tanks. This lead to the Soviet tanks not only being over matched by NATOs MBT but also APCs.
    IIRC there is anecdotal evidence of the Iraqi tanks being taken out with 30 mm rounds from the Warrior.
  6. She's lucky. My essays were usually on Cider with rosie. or a taste of honey. Jebus they were boring.
  7. Read up on Battle of 73 Eastings
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Very very strange question for any kind of degree i would have thought? Sounds more a techy type question..
  9. That's not exactly true old fella, the tanks were let down by poorly trained and motivated crews. Don't underestimate 30mm if it catches a tank from behind as I wouldn't have wanted APSE bouncing off the rear of my turret and I was crewing CR1. The T72 isn't a bad tank at all but the crews were so poorly trained and had no motivation so abandoned their tanks long before they ever had time to have a crack at Abrams or CR1.

    Even the up-armoured T55 could have been a threat had it had the chance to effectively engage us but they were dug in so far they couldn't elevate the Main Armament high enough without fully exposing the tops of their turrets, turkey shoot agreed but not necessarily due to the quality of the tanks themselves.

    Too be fair i never got close enough to engage any of the kit but seeing the state of the POW and hearing from those crews that did it was over pretty much before it began.
  10. It's a GCSE and A level alternative favoured by the selective/private schools.
  11. Fucking hell I wish I had essays like that to do. What does this baccalaureate entail then ?
  12. It's good way of showing off the fact you didn't go to a scummy state school with all us oiks.
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  13. Thanks for that.
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