Inflatable Snow Men

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skintboymike, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. Inflatable Snow Men, Santa Clauses (Santa Clausi?) and Reindeers - who the f*** started that one then? I drive round JHQ on the way home in the evening and the whole world's lit up like 1980's New York suburbia. Stop it now, you've been warned. At the very least I would like to begin by limiting them to no more than one per street.

    Am I just a scrooge? Probably, after all, everyone wears sunglasses at night these days, don't they?
  2. Bah humbug.

    The only sunglasses worn around JHQ are rose tinted.

  3. Eugh, how tacky! I love Christmas but those things are a monstrosity! Yet another foul 'tradition' imported from that nation of understatement, the good ol' US of A. Can you get a band of anti-tat vigilantes together and go round with pins to deflate them under cover of night? :twisted:

  4. i'm in, i wanna do it! i hate those bloody things... and people who decorate their entire house IN OCTOBER!

    arrggghhhh these people grip my sh1t.. lets just go round and pop THEM with a pin instead! (or maybe something a bit bigger)
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    FIX...... BAY'NITS !
  6. Dozy

    I never had you down as a misery at Christmas.

  7. They cost a few quid too!
    To cam up... stealth mission, prompt ebay fence.
    This is a win win.
    Winner - the chav inflateables are gone
    Winner - you get to benifit from the sale
  8. I'm not, Sparky, but they are horrendous!
  9. It is all part of our integration to being the new State in America.

    I wanted to get one for our mess and wanted to put it on the roof, but as we lived on an airport, it was decided it wasn't a good move.

  10. Hey, not all of us come from the "more is more" Wal-Mart school of Christmas decorating! That would be the characteristic sign of a certain, shall we say, demographic.

    Let me put it this way...the family that puts inflatable snowmen out front also probably has an old car up on blocks in the front yard. Don't blame us, blame the latent redneck genes of your neighbors that think blow-up plastic love-doll Santa looks good on their lawn. :twisted:
  11. My aunt does! I want to rip out my eyes just going into her house, so full of gilded tat it is, and that's not even at Christmas! 8O

    I'm taking photos of the decorations on Orchard Road before I head home for Christmas - they're so OTT they make the London's West End look positively subtle in comparison! :D
  12. Cracking idea now who do i know who will be around JHQ over the festive period who could orchestrate such an offensive.
  13. I wonder if you could get an inflatable 'Snow Woman'.

    Would it be useful?
  15. Inflatable Santas are bad enough but what about those 10ft Homer Simpsons dressed as santa? Enough for Chr1sts sake !! What next a life sized replica inflatable stable with three blow up kings, donkey, baby in a manger, shepherds and a Blow up mary + Joseph?