Infidel Ice Cream

here's a treat that is sure to affect Muslims and Jews the same way Holy Water and Garlic put off Vampires.

Seems a guy has come up with the ultimate man's taste treat.

Bacon Ice Cream!

Candied Bacon Bits and Cinnamon and stuff in a cone just the ticket for guys looking for something to compliment the beer

for the recipe.

PS - he also has a recipe for Guinness Milk Chocolate Ice Cream...


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Sad tw@t.

Fried Mars bars, bacon Ice Cream WTF is going on with people. If you want bacon, buy some fcuking bacon, if you want it cold, stick it in the fcuking freezer.

Bacon Ice cream - FFS!
Bloody Hell RP 578:

what did you have to go and be all serious and snotty about this thread.. real bummer, dude...

its the NAAFI [ or did I post in the wrong slot ?]

and what is wrong with frozen meat on a stick?
or beer in a cone for that matter?


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Sorry mate, it's been a kill joy sort of day. Am just off to Aldershot to piss on someone else's chips very shortly. :(
FatBoyGeorge said:
NO NO NO NO NO! Dude is just not done. Acceptable street greetings/terms of endearment are as follows:

Word up!
Fa shizzle ma nizzle.

Trust me, I'm down with the kids and not in a Paul Gadd way.
I suppose "Man" and "Cool" are ok too?
What about Dope Ass Cat?
As in, " check out da bling, he's a Dope Ass Cat!"
Ah, you are obv da hood.....respeck!
obv? thats a good one. I dont see whats so funny about these words. Officers always speak like this. Didnt you hear the army turned cool?! Bruddas.
" dude"

pardon, I was obviously unaware I was channelling the Big Lebowski.

but, I'm cool with that.
Gary Glitter's favorite favour...


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