Infected laptop HELP (again!)

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by pompey, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. A few months ago I had problems with my laptop, with all sorts of viruses which I sorted very quickly with great advice and pointers from the ARRSE community. Malaware sorted it out quickly and then downloaded AVG and its been fine ever since....until today. All of a sudden I'm getting 101 security alerts pop up telling me I have this and that and need to purchase a full package to remedy things, which I know to be b*llocks. On the surface everything seems fine, have t'internet access and can at least do things apart from one crucial thing - I cant open and run anything like Malaware, Spybot, Cloud just refuses to comply and pops up with more messages to say the "application cannot be executed. the file is infected"
    So if I can't run anything to clean up, what are my options? Not being the most techy guy can someone help?
  2. It may be a rogue .exe. Have you booted into safe mode to see if it happens then?
  3. msr

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    msr LE

    Have you got it sorted?
  5. Is this POS you are being asked to buy calling itself something like "Vista Defender?
  6. Gone into safe mode, used couple of scans and after a restart I still have the problem, even though one scan said it had quarantined the problem. So still have these bloody pop up warnings and says the only remedy is to buy some 'Antivirus Suite'. Any more suggestions? Its getting annoying!
  7. Surprised Malwarebytes didn't get this? Dunno if you've tried renaming MB in Program files to get it to run? I wonder if this infection is a time-delayed bomb from the original problem.
    Bear in mind that a system restore to before the original infection will probably sort it-if the rogue lets you of course.
  8. Sorry to hijack the thread. I keep seeing this on the PC forums and I get ignored when I ask why - so am asking again.

    Why? What's so much better about avast than AVG?
  9. but it didn't happen in safe mode? You can do a few things. Search the c drive for all .exe files. Then look for some that are out of the ordinary. Look at what starts up on your PC using msconfig, then stop it that way. Use google to search what each exe file does
  10. Linky, for comparison. In pompey's case AVG has failed so it only makes sense to use another product, whatever your opinions on the merits of either.
  11. Had the same problem a few weeks ago, funnily enough Norton didn't stop it... that is the last time I use a 6 month free trial!

    Anywho, don't know if you have tried it and my computer knowledge is limited but I opened Windows in safe mode and then just restored the computer from the last update which happened to be the day before the virus appeared - that got rid of it and then I just ran as many virus scans (with new anti-virus software) as I could.

    Don't know how well it would work or whether it would delete some of your most recent files but it worked for me! :)
  12. Slightly more risky but perhaps easier route might be to install HijackThis and paste the logfile into this online scanner. OP does need to be cautious what he removes.

  13. hairy, to answer your question, im no computer expert but my brother in law is, he got me onto it to start with, he reckons its one of the best out there. I run it on my pc and it just sits there doing its thing quietly in the background, no annoying pop ups telling me i need to update to get better protection, only ever got one pop up telling me it had done its thing.
    the thing i found with avg was it kept telling me my pc was not protected and that i had to update, once i had updated it the toolbar icon would tell me i was not protected and that i had to subscribe. the other thing is that i've had no virus attacks since uninstalling avg and installing avast so what does that say??