Infantrymans career after the army

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bakes0310, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. Through the careers office, the media and friends and family and anywhere else. You here that soldiers who join the engineers, logistics, intelligence etc. Will eventually leave the army, but have a trade behind them to carry them through to civvie life.
    But what of the infantry what jobs will they be qualified for? im personally joining the Coldstream Guards so will be infantry myself. It doesnt worry me that ill be only able to get basic jobs like i do now. Infact im soon to start my army career (hopefully this year) so this sort of talk is just me speculating and not to be taken too seriously.
    If after you done your 22 years and get your pension would that be enough for you to just get yourself a part time job and enjoy the rest of your life?
    I know everyones finances are different, you might be married, and have kids so your pension wont be enough, for you to just have a part time job.

    Cheers i know its a long read, but im a bit bored and i was just wondering on the following issues :D
  2. Having been infantry too, I think that I have an opinion on this matter.
    While it is true that the infantry, by and large, does NOT give you a trade, this does not mean you do not gain too.

    Leaving aside the simple point that you are actually paid during your time in the Army. As you pointed out, if you complete your 22 you get the Pension.
    You get the intangible things too. Adaptability, self-reliance, as well as a large measure of personal drive (and a ruthless dedication to the Pope too? 8) ) By employing these, the World can be your oyster. The fact that you are used to constant training and retraining is a definate plus in this day and age, where the ONLY constant is change.

    Citing my own personal example. I work in an industry that is COMPLETELY unrelated to my education, let alone infanteering experience. It was the Total Package, that I applied to my career. Many of my personnel are ex-services too, Service Personnel are seen as a known quantity in certain respects.

    Oh, if you want to ignore all that, you will be well qualified to work for the Mafia as a Hit man :twisted:
  3. Tesco security?
  4. I wouldn't put too much credance in a 'trade' learnt in the Army. I'm ex-infantry and also an ex-tradesman. The fact that you've been an infantryman would mean a lot more to me than if your were a driver/tech/sig etc if I was looking for an employee.
    Don't worry about what you'll end up doing when you get out mate, just do want you want and things will fall into place when you get out.
  5. Private security contractor/Body guard.
  6. DONE THAT..
  7. since i left in 2006 ive done the following,
    1 - delivery driver for TNT
    2 - delivery driver for a sofa company
    3 - self employed kitchen sales person
    4 - internal sales/operations
    id say that i landed these jobs rather than on quals gained in the army of before but more on what id experianced, confidence and also organisational abilitys that the army gave me. speaking to mates who have left its also a wide range of jobs that they have got/had.
    say you did 22 years as a REME VM, yes you may have a trade but youve got no experiance of cars so may struggle. Welder, yes a good trade but not the best paid out here.
    Jobs when your out have got very little to do with quals unless your looking at going straight into a certain position that requires them, employers look at ability and experiance but its also about how you sell yourself in the interview and how you carry yourself in the position your employed in that will mark you above you peers.
    Ive been with my current employer almost 2 years during that time, ive been put forward and completed a group wide management program and various internal course above people with quals that have been with the company a long time. Ive also been told the future is bright with them and the only thing that can stop me going into high management and maybe even further is me, not bad for a lad who was infantry and the highest qual ive got is a 2-3 D's at Gcse.
    Its the person that counts not pieces of paper
  8. Alright, I'll say it, seeing as your going in as a coldstreamer, have you considered working with sheep when you get out?

    On a more serious level, being ex infantry will not hold you back at all, especially ex Guards.
    Employers to my experience prefer ex services full stop, but ex Guards, seems to have a bit more sway, dependant on your next career abviously.
  9. What i do in my own time with sheep is.....oh wait you making a coldstream guard joke :oops:

    Its good to hear the response above, and i really liked what someone said its about you and not a piece of paper with a grade that counts. So true :D
  10. As a teacher I personally find the close combat drills to be of immense benefit, especially with the infants.

    If you do reach 22 up you will have learned a wide range of skills, in administration, man-management, planning, logical thinking and common sense with the ability to take decisions and accept responsibility, to name just a few. So why worry about it? Someone will have you and count themselves fortunate to have done so.

    Just enjoy your 22 and give Liz a wave from me next time you are on Buck House stag.