Discussion in 'Infantry' started by remf_crow, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. my younger cousin is looking to join the infantry. im a sapper so have not been able to give him all the advice he needs. what would people suggest? as for battalion life, wheres best to go???
  2. Try asking the infantry, this is int and rumour.
  3. Personally if he was my cousin i would try to advise him to go for something with a trade. However i know what its like when your younger and channeled.
    Battalion life? My experience i had good times and bad, can depend on how much those from the top to csm,s and lower feel about feckin you about daily. All units are pretty much the same at onetime or another (bullshitfactor). Perhaps in a corp you might be looked after a bit better depends what he wants. Does he want to join a local Regiment from his area? If so i suggest local recruiting office.
  4. If everybody went for a trade then none of us would have a job! Without the infantry there is no need to have tradesmen as they've no-one to support. A trade isn't the be all end all and there's many in civvy street who don't practice the trade they learnt in the army!

    Some soldiers actually join the army to soldier! :)
  5. Army trades , while being very useful, aren't always appreciated in civvy street, also after doing the same job for several yearsw (15 in my case) the last thing I wanted when came out wasw to practice it. If you do 22 years in the army ,and come out as I did as a VM1, the last thing you want to do is start back on the shop floor. If he wants to go infantry good luck to him. The only advice I'd give would be is enjoy it and let civvy street take care of itself when it comes along.
  6. Arrseybollockspoofuck...

    If he has the balls, interest and determination, no other trade or arm will satisfy him, and if he's a capable lad, no other corps or arm will 'look after' him better. Conversely, if he's a knobber, no other arm will find him out sooner.
    Infanteers are born, not made - the training just weeds out those who made a mistake, and allows those who have found their calling to develop their interest. Tell him to get along to whichever Battalion is nearest, and ask if he can join. He'll know whether it's right for him very quickly.
  7. That is certainly not the case. More people spread further around with less people interested in the individual.
  10. Agreed, but - it falls into the same category as calling batsmen "batters", or fieldsmen "fielders" in cricket. Good grief! Years ago, the purists had a lot to say when centre-forwards were renamed "strikers" (made them sound like a bunch of trade unionists, etc...) I'm sure an old infantryman would understand what his son was talking about if the son called himself an "infanteer".

  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Yes. But surely you would kick feck out of him for going Septic. "Infanteer", indeed!!!! :frustrated:
  12. I,m an old INFANTRYMAN. Infanteers are what kids have on the sides of their heads!
  13. Merely being PC boys: after all, now that we encourage homos to join, we can't all be 'infantrymen', can we? :wink: And, when they're forced to rig the physical standards to let women in, in order to make up the numbers, our choice will be 'infantryperson' or 'infanteer'. Coming to a Bn near you soon...
  14. The physical standard is not a series of physical tests/assessments, it is the infantrymans combat load i.e. what he has to carry on the battlefield.

    We can't let the physical standards slip until they invent lighter ammunition, weapons, water, batteries, body armour etc. so that the combat load of an infantryman is not too heavy for women to able to fight with it.
  15. took me a few whisky minutes to figure that out..