Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by manutdftw, May 6, 2007.

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  1. at selection is it 1.5 mile in 12.45 or 10.30 to get in i keep getting difrent reports even off the recruit center
  2. This info has come from a friend of mine who is acctually in the infantry not me. For basic Infantry regiments it is 11.20 ish and for specialist regiments ( Paras & Marines) 9.12. Hope this helped. :D
  3. ok thanks i best get training
  4. minimum time is 12min odd however at ADSC a time under 10:30 would be best

    anything over that and they may offer you a inf job but send you to "fox platoon" at the ITC before you're course intake starts

    its basically 3 or 4 weeks of PT to get you up to standard, and its usually full of mongs
  5. whats the ITC? I want to join PWRR do i get to choose if i go light infantry or armourd infantry
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  6. You don't know what ITC stands for and you want to be in the Infantry? I suggest you find out, and regardless of which regiment you want to join any time over 10 minutes 30 for someone in the Infantry is a disgrace.
  7. Im a crap runner over any distance more than 200m, my first time on a grass school field was 10 mins, its not difficult at all, just need to put in a few decent times before you go. I passed the AOSB (Welbeck), where I only had to run 500m :D (Still bloody hard considering I had County swim champs in my group!) so if your not up to 1.5 miles...consider being an Officer!
  8. 1st bn are armoured 2nd is light role

    you probably won't get to choose which battalion you go to, all comes down to where you'd be needed most
  9. Although if you do get to choose 2nd are going to Cyprus in 2008! :)
  10. i spent years in an infantry regiment and up until now i had to pass the 1.5 mile in 10 mins 30 and i wasnt in any of the elite regiments. glad i am now a grandad and have an extra minute to do it in.
  11. More like 2010. It's Germany first.
  12. I was told to aim for under 11 mins but push for under 10.30mins
  13. anything over 10:30 and you're in fox platoon simple

    1 of the lads who was with me in training done it in 10:50 and got sent to fox platoon
  14. ive got selection on the 3rd of jan pirbright anyone one else going up then ???
  15. Sounds like a perfect fit ^~
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