Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Thuggerz, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, I'm currently in the process of joining the infantry. This might sound weird, but i'm not sure if i can handle bullets flying at my head when the time comes. How do i know if i can handle this responsibility since i dont want to waste my time or the armys time.
  2. hey nobody knows till it happens whether they will be able to handle it or not
  3. Training, dear boy, training!
  4. Thats why You have the 24weeks CIC .
    Your not going to be given a gun and been told to shoot the flipflops in you first day .
  5. Go Air Softing :D
  6. ...well, not at least until Gordon Brown's PM.
  7. Yep - go and do it; it's the best job in the world - wish I was 18 again.

    You'll not be rich or famous, but you'll have memories to last a lifetime and beyond - and, to top it all, you will be able to hold your head high for the rest of your life!!
  8. Its only when the bullets hit you that it becomes a bore.
  9. Thank feck I'm only 5'7"!! Ccould account for few scars"!!!
  10. I just hope i can dodge those bullets since i'm 6'4 and my head would be sticking out
  11. Believe me, your head won't be sticking out.

  12. If you play airsoft you meet some cool people and find things out about yourself...

    try it some time. I know it gets knocked but it is a challenging sport and you get to play with guns
  13. If you're bored of life and hate your job but want life to be worse, join the infantry. Yes you'll have memories at the end of it but ask yourself why retention is so low. In the infantry you'll be treated like shit, made to listen to people of a higher rank who are clearly mentally challenged and be forced work harder than everyone else for lower pay. As for being shot at: it just feels like an exercise, even when the rounds start hitting the walls around you, mortars start landing in the street and RPG's fly past your face. It's only when you're looking at one of your friends thats close to death will things hit home.

    All that said you might enjoy it. Someone has to :)
  14. Damn Straight!

    Yeah listen to big timing Bill here.
  15. Corrected.