Infantry work in Int Corps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Willmark, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. hi,

    do int corps soldiers get to do any infantry work (going into battle), or anything resembling infantry work?

  2. I seem to recall you have already asked this question and got a variety of responses.
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  3. Having served in both the answer is no. They are two totally different roles.

    You have been watching too many episodes of 'Bad Lads Army' haven't you?
  4. The Infantry do.
  5. yeah i did post the question a while ago but the responses were just a piss take really so i thought i'd try again. i should have realised by numerous other posts on the int forum that a lot of people are on here mainly to try to impress their pals by being funny
  6. if your asking questions like this then is your job choice the right one? if it takes two threads for you to analise and be able to understand that int guys arnt front line infantry troops have you made the right choice?
  7. A serious answer: read the job descriptions on the armyjobs website. Their 2 totally differant roles. However, you MAY go out onto the ground with inf battlegroup ad translaters/ searchers
  8. realisticly though im not saying it dosnt happen ever but im yet to see it
  9. The only thing i know about the corps is the advett with the fit bird a few years ago
  10. Did those numerous other posts that you looked at include the many, many similar questions that have been asked in the recruiting stickie I assume not, as then you may have noticed that sensible questions are met with sensible answers and "what's it like being an OPMI?" questions are flamed to ****. To clarify your questions falls under the later category - hence the treatment it received. Also the very useful sticky at the top of page pre-fixed "read this first" may help.
  11. none of the threads were that serious, not as far as i could tell anyway. also, i was speaking to a careers office sgt and i was saying how i'd considered the paras and he told me i'd be able to get involved with actual combat in the int. i'm guessing he meant there'd be something similar to infantry. i haven't seen much on the website about what the int do either apart from a short section on counter intelligence, human intelligence etc. whether the job choice is the right one or not is always debatable for everyone when they're still applying, but i'm sure i've got the aptitude for it
  12. I was in the process of respoding in the same vein but my typing skills are directly reciprocal to my drinking skills!
  13. a simple yes or no answer would have done for my question. most people who post those sorts of questions are probably thinking "why trawl through these posts when someone on here could just answer my question". no need to waste effort. economy of energy, you know how it is