Infantry Values

I've been hovering around this site for a while and have read some truly inspiring bits and pieces on the different roles and trades. I personally have 2 career options in mind be it REME armourer or an infanteer in the R Anglians or Rifles as I am thoroughly entranced by the history of the infantry and the skill of the REME tradesman.
My questions are what qualities must one posess to take on the combat infantrymans course and what kind of changes in themselves did serving infanteers see after the course?
And what challenges are there in the world of an armourer?
bearing in mind that they (along with various other capbadges) muck in as well as the infantry lads.
Oh yes your character will be built. My advice go REME get a trade. I left Infantry training so that i can do just that.
That's probably the best bet I was told the same thing by my recruiter (Rifles)
If you don't mind me asking what aspect of the infantry made you leave?
Combat Infantry Course:
A keen liking for bullshit
An intense desire to be better than anyone else
be able to lift as much as a herd of bison by yourself
run with the combined speed of a herd of gazelle
be able to crawl infinite distance on your belt buckle
Not laugh at other people being bollocked
And the ability spend a whole day area or block cleaning without looking as though you're taking the piss.

Happy days
I wanted to do a techie job in the REME but i joined the Infantry because it was the quickest way in. But waiting out to join the REME is well worth it :D
I joined as LI as it seemed exciting. The reality was a little different and they fully supported my transfer to the medics
That's not to say i don't want to do the muddy cold wet soldier thing because i enjoy getting stuck in but the novelty wears off fast for me.[/QUOTE]

I suppose every capbadge gets to do that every so often to call themselves a soldier which is the main reason for me joining the army. If I wanted a cushty hotel and to be pampered I would have followed my mates in to the RAF..

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