Infantry type to All Arms!!??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BennyBlanco, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Dont suppose anyone's got a scooby of the type of Courses that would be open to All Arms (Engineer callsign specifically),down at the LWC in Warminster.......not 'just out of interest'...with half an eye on gettin amoungst 'em,to relieve the boredom!!
  2. Has anyone seen a DIN published with any AA courses there? I can find courses for pre para, AA Commando, DMETA, and handgliding.... please send me any details!
  3. A DIN??,.........DMETA???.......Pray tell
  4. Defence Instructions and Notices, and Defence Medical something or other...
    DIN's took over from DCI's, and no one told me...
  5. DMETA - Defence Medical Education & Training Agency - the bods who run the AMS and medical courses.
  6. Had an engineer staffy on Formation Recce crew commanders a few years ago
  7. FIBUA instructor, UK and NATO. 2 weeks at copehill down. Good course.
  8. Whats min rank requirement