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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by boredcivvy, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. could someone who is serving in a line infantry regiment (been through Catterick) apply to do P-company, pass, and then join 2 or 3 PARA?

    Even though their training time and standards at Catterick would have not been the same as if they had gone 2ITB and the Parachute Company within it (PARA Depot training)
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You are one dull feckwit aren't you?

    How many times do you intend to post variations on the same idiotic questions?
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  3. don't hold back Duke say what you think lol
  4. I have never known a forum so unfriendly, with concerns to someone who has very little military knowledge, and wants to learn.

    If people like me annoy everyone, then you should just have a 'serving or ex armed forces personnel' only rule when joing this forum.

    I apologise if my knowledge is lacking, and I want to expand my education concerning the UK Armed Forces
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  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Your knowledge is not lacking - you are trolling. Your posts display a level of knowledge and use of jargon well beyond the usual civvy.

    Bore off.
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  6. My knowledge base, is solely down from my own research (despite it being from the Internet and this forum) and ex-service personnel i train MMA with.

    I am interested in gaining as much relevant (to me) knowledge as possible, as I am sicked and tired of my Lecturing job, and really want to join the armed forces, hopefully as a RAF Regiment Officer if I have the potential.

    If not, I will look at joing the Army as a soldier, hence the questions regarding infantry etc
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  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Ok then.

    If you want to join Para Regt, then apply to join them from the start. If you want to join any of the other Inf units, then apply for them.

    Why on earth would you want to apply for the Royal Anglians (for example) when really wanting to be in Para Regt?
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  8. True,

    but I am a bit **** regarding all my answers, that why I asked the initial question.

    Apologies if I have offended anyone, it isnt an effort to start a 'wah', I really would like a answer and opinions to it.

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  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    So answer my question then.
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  10. my age (29) might be a factor attempting to join a popular regiment like the Parachute Regiment, even though their fundamental dynamics are very attractive to me, I have doubts due to my age etc, and would therefore join a line infantry regiment.

    I suppose in a way, my question could be read as; is it just P-company that make the Para's different from the rest of the infantry or their experience through Catterick?
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  11. hence, is it deemed accectable to go through the 'line infantry' Catterick training package, then just do P-coy at sometime to be apart of the Parachute Reg


    can you only go through Para depot?
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  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I have never been through the process of being a recruit at Catterick, and will therefore leave that part to others with more knowledge to answer. I do know that the physical content of the Para Coy course is considerably higher than the other Inf Coys though, and forms an essential part of the physical build up to P coy and creation of the Para Regt ethos.

    You can transfer into Para Regt from other infantry unit assuming P Coy Pass. However, at 29 now, plus one year to join and complete basic training, plus at least a few years in a line Inf regiment before they are likely to support your request for P Coy and a transfer means that time is against you.

    If you want Para Regt, go for it now. Joining elsewhere in the hope of an easier ride and then a transfer is just getting your excuses lined up early.
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  13. boredcivvy, you're just wannabeseal using a different account. You asked a question on here, but the same question came up on MFAT but under the wannabeseal nick :roll:

    Of course he did.

    That's strange. On MFAT you were claiming about 10 years in with various units.

    Basically you're a lying ****.
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  14. Im who?

    if you dont want answer my question, then thats fine, but please dont make stuff up about me.

    and yeah I did ask questions about the RAF, whats wrong with that?
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  15. Follow the links moron.

    Edit - well done ****, you removed your MFAT post. You are so clever aren't you? Why don't you bore off somewhere else and stop asking pointless questions.
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