Infantry Training?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shadewakka, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Hey there.
    Im interested in joining the TA as a infantry soldier (hull)
    just wondering if you could shed some light on the training for me
    and how the training is spread out like do you onli train weekends
    or isit like training fulltime untill you pass-out?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. 1 day selection at your local ADSC, Phase One - 9 weekends or a 2 week course at your local Regional Training Center then 2 week Combat Infantryman Course at ITC Catterick.
  3. cheers for the reply bud.
    so the 9 weekends or 2weeks you decide which or..?
  4. Dependent on two factors your brigade and yourself, basically only a few brigades do a 'fast track' two week phase one course of which the brigades that do run them there are only a couple of them a year. So youll have to make yourself available for them. If not youll do the standard 9 weekends which is what most people do usually on a one on one off basis. Also somethings thats starting to show up is the ex 'Summer Challenge' in which you do all your training ie phase one, CIC, adventure training etc in a 7 week package but not all divisions or brigades are offering this. I'd recommend that you either do the fast track or the summer challenge as these will have you much better prepared for CIC than weekends will but make sure your fit for them from day one of the course as youll be expected to get a good pass on the PFT and pass the 6 mile CFT after a couple weeks in which you wont improve your fitness much. Talk to the person in charge of your application about the training routes available to you as which division your part of plays a big part in the available routes.
  5. its seven weekend actually
  6. Phase 1a (TAFS) - drill, structure of the TA, Qualities of a TA soldier, Fieldcraft, PT and Finance - 2 weekends
    Phase 1b - PT, WH, Nav, BCDT, Fieldcraft, CBRN - 4 weekends
    Phase 1c - Extra training for infantry in preparation for CIC - 3 weekends

    Thus Phase 1 infantry training (pre-CIC) = 9 weekends not counting RSW.
  7. errr nope, well not after 8th Feb for those in jockland, even so
    TAFS 1 & 2 and w/es 1-7
    Inf: 2 + 7 =9!
    OA & S: 2 + 4 =6!
  8. Oh ok, well its seven for me :)
  9. At what RTC?
  10. RTC? Recruit Training Centre? Sorry, i'm new to this, joining Royal Anglian Infantry, Chelmsford, just did the RSW, now i have been told i have 7 weekends, only 7 RT's and then the CIC at catterick
  11. Close, Regional Training Centre, but what should be happening to you after your RSW is a TAFS1 currently in house at most units then TAFS 2 and a further 7 w/es at your RTC before off to CIC
  12. oh, ok, i didnt know about that and havent heard about me doing that, but maybe they'll spring it on me.
  13. best warned then eh?
  14. i only thought it was seven too
  15. yea, thanks ffbox, now i know just in case :)