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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tankscrow, May 29, 2013.

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  1. Just wondering how you can train so intense for so long and not be dead by the end. What's a normal day like for an infantryman?
  2. In basic or afterwards? Two very different worlds
  3. I talked to soldiers in the rifles and they said the same that after basic they became unfit (army standards)
  4. I was Light Infantry to start - Rifles, but better - and basic was hell on earth, then afterwards it got super slack with short lived bouts of intense training that lasted about a week or so. I transferred to the Medics, and due to the admin cock up that can only happen when everything is done on paper I did the whole of basic again instead of just special to arms, and exactly the same happened there.

    There was a theory I'd be super recruit as I'd just come from Sir John Moore, where I'd done 6 months basic then 6 months waiting. I actual fact, I was a bit of a knacker but really really good at hiding and shooting things at 50m
  5. Wanking and COD. Followed by a piss up?

    At least that's the theory bandied about by some...
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  6. Minus the CoD in my day, because apparently we didn't have electricity back then, but not all that far from the truth
  7. Tank stop it with the posts, search and read the infantry forum the training wing forum or look at the many Army training videos online.
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Thread Status:
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