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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Mike444, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. There is a proposal to have 2 infantry training regiments. One in Catterick and One in Fort George for Sottish Soldiers. Does any one think this is a bad idea as there might be some differences in instructor teachings. I a not saying that instructors teach the wrong things but there might be slight differences which could lead to problems when soldiers go to their regiments
  2. I can't see that happening as they only closed down ATR Glencorse a couple of years ago so all Infantry training could be consolidated at ITC Catterick.

    As for it causing problems, or differences in training... I wouldn't say so. It worked before.
  3. I always liked Glencorse. It was a really nice place to work. Fort george is also smashing probably my favourite. I know alot who don't but I like catterick too - easily pleased I suppose. Perhaps some young soldiers find such a big place a little daunting. I don't think that training in different places causes any problems. The programme is always the same and different instructors sometimes have different approaches to it anyway. Wolf is quite right. It would be a shame to send everybody to catterick though. It's nice to do something different sometimes.
  4. How? Nothing is graven in stone. Individual instructors will differ anyway. Whatever powers that be will lay down what has to be taught to what standard. Receiving units will be able to monitor by standard of product they receive. For years English soldiers have got by with shouted instructions from Glaswegian PTIs.
  5. Mike444

    How do you come to know this and how reliable is the source?
  6. It is not definate but it has been proposed. Someone in the highlanders was saying it and also read about it in one of the local papers