Infantry Training - Winchester

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by LondonCalling, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone on here remember when the Light Div stopped carrying out its own soldier training before it was moved to Catterick?
  2. I cant remember the extact year but it was early 90's and I believe it may have been 1992.

    I will get more info for you as soon as I return to Bks off leave.
  3. found this for you whilst surfing the net:

    [i] In 1986, the Light Division Depot was moved from Peninsula Barracks to Flowerdown, a site to the north of the City. It was later renamed Sir John Moore Barracks, in honour of an outstanding British General of the early 1800s. In 1993, the Light Division Depot became the Army Training Regiment Winchester (ATR)

    Hope that helps

  4. I was thinking it was around then - if I remember correctly the joint LI/RGJ phase 1 was still there and phase 2 up in Catterick
  5. I left ATR Winchester in 2002, the Lt Div were still training there when I left.