Infantry Training Advisor In Royal Signals Training Wings??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by iLoveYourMumDrunk, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Just a thought that always plays on my mind when going through battle camps ran by the Royal Signals...

    Why don't all Royal Signals training wings have Infantry training advisers help running them??

    I only ask this because every time I have a lesson on basic battle drills I am sick to the back teeth of fat ******* from the Corps teaching me outdated fighting methods from the cold war! My point is, an infantry training adviser would possibly keep an eye on what is being passed down to the lads. Not only does this open up posts to Infantry SNCO's but it also stops these dinosaurs (who haven't even been in a bar fight, never mind a fire fight) teaching young lads on fighting methods that you simply do not see in today's warfare.
  2. When I was a youngish staffy, I suggested to CO 7 that it would be a good idea to have the sproggiest subbie running that part of the training wing. They have recently completed a 1 year course where all the most up to date doctrine is drummed into them and, compared to the rest of your average signals unit, they are the SME. It also helps fill the gap between arriving and attending the TC's course. To my eternal surprise he thought about it then did exactly what I had suggested. From what I could see it worked quite well and at least it kept the subbie off the streets.
  3. No matter how large they are they should be teaching up to date doctrine.
  4. It won't happen because:

    a. It would mean less RD posts
    b. Why teach Inf Skills when Comms Site Defence is what is needed
    c. Anyone remember the mad Inf Major (and his Cadet OpFor) at AAColl Harrogate?

  5. c. Oh very much so, he had his own gang of Cadets to play enemy. I believe he disappeared under dubious circumstances, something to do with water and naked cadets.
  6. To the OP, if you think the teaching is wrong then go to the RTO/RTWO and explain your suspicions. Be warned to have cross referenced the lesson with the relevant PAM.

    As for putting Inf Adv in the training wings, how many Sgts do you think the Inf can spare for such a task? Who will be put in the slots, the young go getters or the older and bolder of the Inf world? More to the point how do ensure currency? A two year tour, would mean the Inf Adv could be a few years out of date himself.