Infantry to Int Corps transfer..

Hi all, new to the site. I'm currently serving in an Infantry Battalion, and have been for the past 2 years.

I am obviously going to go through my CoC, however I'm curious as to whether or not this has been done? At present, it's p1ss easy to get a transfer in TO the Infantry, but I'm not so sure about getting out of it.


It has been done. And if I remember rightly there is someone doing it now.


He's just off to his first shiny new posting now if memory serves :D (and i'm old so it mostly does'nt :oops:
2x PTE equivalent ranks came across in my squad from other cap badges.


I know of at least 1x Pte who swindled the Infantry out of cannon-fodder, and is now taking up desk space.


It has been done by plenty before and transferees obviously bring lots of good knowledge and experience to the party

IIRC there is a rank limit.

Best option is to call the MOD operator and ask for Recruiting Cell to confirm


I transfered as a full screw from the infantry (i can hear the 'boo hiss' from the pure bloods ;-) )

IIRC, there have been a number of pte (or equivalent) transfered across in recent years.

Your best bet would be to call the recruiting cell (as suggested) and let your CoC know sooner rather than later (there are some interviews to go through ect)

Just bear in mind that, although you are a trained soldier, you will have to march round with the phase two recruits whilst training.

i don't regret a thing about transfering; it was the right thing for me to do at the time. just be sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Good luck
I re-enlisted having previously been Roughly-cut Timber. I spent twenty-two years being abused and jeered. It was hell.


There was a Para Pte in my Basic Squad and our training Sgt was also ex-Para so there is plenty of evidence that Inf guys make it in the Int Corps. Top and bottom if you have the skills and ability the Corps is after then you should have no problem. Start the ball rolling and at least it will show you have ambition and that can't be a bad thing for your CR. I agree with F-D with regards to marching about with the Phase 2 trainees but this is a minor inconvenience and nothing to a qualified Inf soldier. Also the Phase 2 trainees will look to you as the font of all knowledge in the absence of the DS and therefore you will have additional responsibilities. Good luck!


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Whiskybreath said:
I re-enlisted having previously been Roughly-cut Timber. I spent twenty-two years being abused and jeered. It was hell.

I transferred as a senior rank and had eleven years ditto; mind you, that was for my less than stellar personal qualities, rather than any cap badge prejudice.
Just got back from a visit to the int corps and this was brought up. It can and has happened, but as the corps is quite small there ususally has to be a good reason and/or the person in question has to be able to bring something to corps (i.e. specific training etc...). I guess answer is apply for it and see what happens.

Good luck.
Go for it Mercian. I was once an Inf Sldr, came across to The Corps about 6 years, never looked back.

However> be carefully bout ur us of spoken writin n grammma, their are some person who, you know who you are, r fond off slagging peps for there usse of englis.

Otherwise, come on over.

Take care and goodluck.
How would i ask for a transfer to Int Corps? I have only been in the infantry battalion for 6 months and not sure about the structure of things in regards to transfers. If possible let me know if there are other possible ways of avoiding the platoon commander and the RCMO of my interest towards Int Corps.
When I was a lad in my Squad there were 7 transferees and 7 basics who finally made it, including

Private - Parachute Regiment, Craftsman - REME, Trooper - Cavalry, 2 x Drivers -RCT, LCpl -Duke of Wellingtons Regiment

Those who got to Corps Training (Phase 2) but didn't make it in the end included

2 x Cpls - Royal Signals, 1 x Gunner - RHA, 1 x Trooper - RTR

and if myself and Whiskybreath can make it absolutely anything is possible
Thanks mate, but could you be more specific about procedure of transfer to Int Corps. I can bring with me perfect knowledge of Russian language.
Whatever you do, do it officially.

If you attempt to circumnavigate your CoC (Platoon Comd or RCMO) you will fall flat on your face. Yes, by all means do some networking. If you are close to your Bde HQ, then there should be a CS MI Sect nearby as well. Ring them up, introduce yourself and ask questions about the job to see if it fits your expectations.

Make sure that you fulfil the transferee requirements which is 5 GCSE (inc Maths and English), and we generally take LCpl and above. This though is negotiable and on a case by case basis. Do not quote will get you nowhere.

Speak to your CoC at all stages. Although it will take time and they may resist, you will not be released to transfer in the first place if the Bn and Glasgow are not aware. Your RCMO will also be able to deal with the Int Corps on your behalf. Be polite and don't burn bridges. If it does not work out, you will need to go back.
Thank you for reply. The qualification side of things should not be a problem at all. I got 11 GCSE's A-C and 2 A-Levels in law and theater studies. The security clearance has been done on me and originally got offered the job there however at the time been given false info and joined an infantry regiment instead. I will approach my platoon commander and let him know of my idea of a transfer. Will update as soon as something comes up.