Infantry to Ammo Tech transfer...

After a bit of help here guys, im currently serving with 2PWRR and am looking to transfer over to the Ammunition Technician roll, ive been told that private soldiers are unable to do this but my RCMO is looking into it, can anyone shed any light on this for me as its something im quite keen to do.

Hi mate
I've just transfered from Infantry myself in October. With regards to transfering as a Pte that is wrong as there is currently a Pte from the Infantry on the Ammo Tech course. Who told you that?
My OC did when he looked on the jobs list on the intranet today, i was quite surprised because i had been told last year i could transfer as a pte to Ammo Tech
ok, i got the impression that he was looking at the postings list as the person i spoke to in december was adement it could be done
Its not too bad as long as you apply yourself. You'll need to do Technical Selection Test and the an ATCAB first though. TST is done in education centres and is 55 maths questions. Its not hard but you must be fairly quick.
i was an engineer before i joined so hopefully i wouldnt have to many problems with the TST, whats the ATCAB?
You can transfer into the AT trade between the ranks of Pte and Sgt (inclusive). Upon completion of the AT course Ptes will be promoted to LCpl, LCpls and Cpls retain their rank and Sgts revert to Cpl.

LCpl is lower pay band, Cpl and above higher. After a year in trade LCpls are promoted to Cpl. A further 12-18 months and ATs will be able to attend the Class 2-1 upgrading. Upon completion of this course there is a very good chance of promotion to Sgt (we are currently 55% undermanned at Sgt and 50% at SSgt).

It is not unusual to reach WO2 at the 8 year point.
ATCAB is the careers advisory board. You will get a workbook to complete about 3 weeks before the ATCAB itself, then whilst on it you will get an insight on what AT's do within the depot in Kineton and the EOD side of things. You will be required to sit a maths test and an interview too. Get recommended on that and you can attend selection which is more tests and interviews over 2 days.
There EOD dets throughout the UK. There will be one close to you. You can get the number from the QMs (Ask for the contact number for ATO). Give the troop a call (no need for Chain of command) they will show you around and give you a bit of an insight.

Alternatively PM me with your location and i'll get the local tps number to you.

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