Infantry TA will reduce from 15 to 14 battalions

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Dec 16, 2004.

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  1. Bn part of regular Regt (single cap badge e.g. Yorks/Mercian)

  2. Bn part of regular Regt (multiple cap badges e.g WFR, PWO etc)

  3. Regional Bn (multiple cap badges)

  4. Regional Bn (single cap badge e.g. Londons)

  1. Who or whats getting the chop, guess 1 Bn is being axed to create proper Bn HQ Coys/Support Coys.
  2. I hope that's what's happening. Overwise one subunit may be in a precarious position with 3 PWRR absorbing not 1, but 3 coys (2 Rifle, 1 HQ)
  3. Rifle Volunteers? Londons to the Gaaaards??
  4. Oh great, time to start buffing the car park and painting everything blue/red/blue.
  5. Blimey, after all my years - finally gone thro one of these unchanged :lol:

    No rebadging, no new unit, no retrading - so glad I left the inf@SDR
  6. I've already started rehersing '1..23...1!!!!' in a very loud slightly ear piercing scream, the people in my office most concerned.

    Still I won't notice them after the Guards lobotomy proceedure.

    Time to join a corps?........NAH!
  7. A & E to 4 RGJ, RGBW absorbed but not sure about the PWRR...back into the fold perhaps.

    So long, and thanks for all the funny slo-o-o-o-w drill!
  8. Id say C of the RRV is most likely going to 3PWRR, seeing how it is the same capbadge and is in the regular recuiting catchment of that regiment.
  10. what about b coy rrv, who will they go to if 1 rgbw is being done away with?
  11. The DERR (i.e. Berkshire and Wiltshire) elements of RGBWR are being amalgamated with PWRR.

    Hence 3 PWRR/ Home Counties (Whatever) will absorb B, C and HQ coys of RRV. That's a worrying outcome, a 7 Coy Regiment, which looks awefully tempting for a cut....

    Meanwhile A and E coys go off to 7th (?) Bn of the Light Division Regiment, while the Rifle Volunteers will slot in as 6th (?) Bn
  12. I would just like to know if we're getting our number plate back :D
  13. No more rrv hurrah time to burn the roebuck .it was a gash name
    and a admin nightmare whats the point of a battalion that cant even drill
    together .bye bye jackets you wont be missed well some of your blokes
    were ok .
  14. They speak very highly of you... :roll: