Infantry Support Teams.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by EleyTheOne, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Nor am i sure of the correct name of these teams but unsure the role they play with in an infantry battalion, i heard about these from some of the guys around my squadron, basically they are a section/platoon doing an RLD role within the infantry?
    can anyone give me more information about these and correct me where and if i am wrong, this role really interests me, i would very likely apply to work in these teams for my next posting.

  2. Speak to your RCMO
  3. 216 Sig Sqn. :wink:
  4. 216 maybe, i had 1 PARA in mind based in cardiff, that would be a nice location for me!
  5. Why not have a go at special forces communicator if yiou think you can hack it and like being at the sharp end - £16 extra a day isn't bad either!
  6. Already got that in mind, not yet, I have some good comms knowledge but i personally think i need to focus on my infantry skills, i have got 4/73 in mind, then maybe looking at 264.
    Got my commando course at the end of this year/2011
  7. Rock on, good luck!
  8. EleyTheOne,

    Infantry battalions typically have a detachment of a few Royal Signals personnel at BHQ level to maintain the communications for the Battle Group and assist the Battalion's Signals Platoon at that level.

    Further, there has lately developed a tend on Operational tours to post one or two R Signals operators with each Rifle Coy to help man its Ops room. Ostensibly they were supposed to be the Bowman Subject Matter Experts at Company level, but in effect given their trade level, experience and rank, they worked under the direction of the Company's own signals NCO.

    Essentially then, work in an Ops room at a small remote FOB at Company level, or work in a larger FOB at Battalion level. The guys at Coy did come out on the ground once or twice to help set up comms in Patrol Bases once or twice, but the majority of their time was spent on Radio Stag freeing Infantry signalers to go out on the ground as Riflemen.
  9. Do you know if there will be postings available to all infantry battalions?
  10. I really have no idea, but would assume that each battalion going on tour would draw R.Signals personnel from its Brigade Sig Sqn i.e. 2 Rifles which is part of 19 Light Bde would be sent personnel from 209 Sig Sqn, 2 Para which is in 16 Air Assault would be provided Signalmen from 216 Sig Sqn etc.

    From what I have seen of them, and I don't wish to sound dismissive of either them or their sterling work, they essentially do radio stag in the ops room and help the Coy sigs NCO maintain the communications equipment in the FOB. Your comment of needing to improve your infantry skills is, in light of this, perhaps somewhat wide of the mark as you won't be used on the ground as a Platoon or Company signaler.

    From a layman's view, I would recommend that you if you do go to a FOB as a Signalman, to ensure your Voice Procedure and equipment knowledge is top drawer. We had a LCpl and a Signalman posted to our FOB on Herrick 10. Of the former, people seemed to assume that because he was a R Signals NCO he would be a guru on on sorts of Bowman problems (and they were many), which dropped him in at the deep end a bit, but good man that he was, he rose to the occasion. His sidekick was a different story entirely.
  11. I am employed as the coy signaller for**********, im going to be working out of ***********, i have been told i will be working both in the ops room and out on the ground, i know little about this PB , can anyone tell me where to find out about the welfare and facilities here as i have asked around the guys at my sqaudron, they are just as clueless to where this place is as i am!
    also thanks for your replies i think im just going to apply for the relevant courses to aid me in my selection for 4/73, thumbs down for IST.
  12. I have been employed as a Company Signaller with the OMLT BG for the last five months, yet again someone with no idea about current deployments puts down what we are doing out here.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I wish you better luck than I had trying to teach comms principles to the RGJ in Belfast - maybe its easier with playstation generation... :D
  14. Its SOINC and DIR INF policy that all Inf BN's will have Royal Signals personnel. Currently 288 pers will be sent across. Its done by a filter process at APC, the first has sat and personnel should know who is going where. The next filter sits in APR and then OCT.

    If you want to volunteer then speak to your RCMO.
  15. Can you explain more of the role?